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More Binder Tips for Organized Teachers

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teacher bindersThis is my first summer off in a long time and I have been trying to keep the boys and I busy.  We have spent 2 weeks in NJ and 2 weeks taking swimming lessons.  In addition to spending time with my boys, I have been thinking a lot about my classroom. 

A few months ago, I shared with you the different classroom binders that I use to help me stay organized.  I thought it might help some of the other special education teachers out there if I showed you what is in mine and how I am going to make some changes this year. 

Here are my latest teacher binder tips, contents and resources to stay organized.

Teacher Binder Must-Haves

One of my favorite parts of my binder is my pens and sticky notes.  I put Velcro in the inside of my binder and then Velcro on some pens.  That way,  I would always have pens with me.  I also found sticky notes at  the local dollar store that are hole punched and able to go into the binder. 

My binder consists of a few different sections.

Teacher BindersTeacher Schedules:  This section contains all of the schedules for the teachers I work with and for the paraprofessionals that work with the students on my case load.

Student Schedules:  This section contains all of the schedules for my students.

Calendar:  In this section I keep a yearly school district calendar, but I also have a monthly calendar.  Last year I got a great calendar from Kindergarten Works.  Best part was, it was Free!!

Lesson Plans:  This section is huge for me! I plan not only for what I am doing during each particular time in the day, but also what the paraprofessionals are doing.  I divide this section into smaller sections by the time of day.  Then each one of those sections has it’s own lesson plan sheet.

Standards:  This is the section where a keep a “cheat” sheet of all the standards for each grade level I teach.  

Students Information:  This section houses student information sheets and any other pertinent information.

Parent Contact:  This sections contains all parent contact information.  I have an individual log sheet for each student.

Meetings:  This sections contains notes and handouts from different meetings I attend throughout the year.

Important Information:  This section is pretty much a catch all for all the papers that are in my mailbox (music program schedules, no bullying program information, etc) that I need to be able to keep my hands on.

Well, that about sums it up.  I made new covers and some new forms for my notebook next year and wanted to share them.

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