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Mixing Music Into the Curriculum

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Mixing Music Into the CurriculumThis time of year, all of the kids (big and small) are so excited that I have to make sure I include a lot of interactive learning which always includes music

I use music daily in my classroom. We use it in math, reading, circle time, lining up, washing our hands, etc. For my daily circle time, I make a CD playlist for each month.

My monthly classroom mix includes:

  • an introductory song (this one stays the same all year), 
  • a song for movement,
  • a song to talk about specific vocabulary or concepts (for example, last year we used the yellow song when learning about colors)
  • and either a specific reading or math song.

My students really look forward to this time of the day and get upset when they miss it.  

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Lots of studies have shown that music in the classroom can help students learn and retain skills.  When pairing music with visuals of the lyrics students are not only singing, but reading at the same time. What a great way to practice some of those skills.

You can write your own piggyback songs or check out some of the fantastic musicians and teachers who have already came up with a large variety of songs. 


Mixing Music Into the CurriculumMusical Artists for Learning

Debbie Clement

When I started my blogging adventure this summer, I met a fantastic teacher, singer, songwriter, and author named Debbie Clement (pictured above and left). Debbie does workshops all over the country for teachers to help do what we love best:  teach.


She really has an amazing back story that you can read all about on the blog on her website



Dr. Jean

When I started teaching I was introduced to Dr. Jean. She has fantastic songs for all topics. One of my classroom favorites is Macarena Months.  I introduced my students to it last month and even though we have changed songs for December they are still singing and doing the motions for Macarena Months.  



Jack Hartman

Last school year I was introduced to Jack Hartman. He also has music for all topics.  My second graders find him to be “cool”.  We have started using his videos on YouTube during our classtime on our new class ipad.   



Teacher Tipster

I have also recently discovered Teacher Tipster who has a lot of his own songs and demonstrates them on YouTube. He is a first grade teacher who just demonstrates a love for what he does. He has so many great ideas. He also recently launched a second YouTube channel to share more of his knowledge. 



I would love to hear how everyone else uses music in their classroom and who are some of your favorite artists.  


How do you integrate music into your classrom experience? Share in the comments section!