Leap Year Video Writing Prompts


Watch Happy Leap Day-5 Min. version on PBS. See more from WPBT.


K-2: Birthday Stars

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In the video, the experts tell us the stars in the sky look the same every year on our birthdays.


On a blank sheet of paper, draw stars in the night sky. Give each one a name like the original astronomers. Write that name beneath the star. You can include planets too! Make sure to label all the planets by name as well.


3-5: Planning for Extra Time

If you could do absolutely anything with this extra day, what would it be? Describe your perfect leap day.


6-8: Leap Day Predictions

When Leap Day 2016 arrives, what do you think you'll be doing? How will your life be different? Describe your prediction for the events of that day.


9-12: Leap Day Service Holiday Proposal

This extra day seems like an opportunity to make a difference in our community and our world. First, brainstorm ways the community or country could help change the world in a single day. Then, write a letter to a community leader or someone in your local, state or federal government.


This letter will outline YOUR plan to create a holiday to celebrate Leap Day. The celebration of that holiday needs to help individuals make a difference in the world around them. The impact should last beyond that day.


Can't view the video? Try it here!