Kid Tsunami Survivors Video Writing Prompts



K-2: Recovery Cartoon

Some kids found relief from their sadness by drawing cartoons about things that make them happy.

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Think of something you did that made you happy in the last few weeks. What is it? Draw a cartoon of it. Write one sentence below your drawing to describe what the drawing shows.

3-5: Sharing with Survivors

Some tsunami victims had to leave everything behind, including their houses and all their things. Think about the things that you value.

Imagine that you’re collecting donations to send to kids who lost their possessions in the tsunami. Brainstorm a list of 10 objects you could send them to make them feel at home. Start by thinking of things that make you love and value.

6-8: Positive Pastimes

Creating the “Fight” newspaper gave tsunami victims hope and a creative outlet. This is an inspirational story of how survivors find ways to enjoy their lives no matter what adversity they face.

How do you cope with things that go wrong in your life? Describe a time when you were disappointed and things didn’t go your way. How did you react? Then, describe what the most positive, productive reaction to that disappointment would be.

Be creative and remember to think about the small things in life that help you keep a positive attitude.

9-12: Coping with Disaster

What do these children’s stories tell us about what young people are capable of surviving? How do you think you would cope with losing your home and being displaced by disaster?


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