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By: Adam Waxler

As we approach the end of holidays, it is common to see a spike in classroom management problems as many students have a tendency to think the school year is over before it actually is...   Of course, a teacher must set the tone in order to maintain effective classroom management. However, when "setting the tone", it is easy to get angry at students, and unfortunately, that anger will create more problems in the classroom.   It is very important that teachers do not "lose it" no matter how much a student tests you. If students see that they have angered you, they know they have beaten you at the discipline game. The bottom line is, you must control your anger if you want to be an effective teacher.  Here are some things to think about that may help:  

By: Natalie Schwartz

On the National PTA’s top 10 list of Things Teachers Wish Parents Would Do, “be involved” ranks number one. Studies show that parental involvement in a child’s education has a major impact on academic success, regardless of economic, ethnic or cultural background.   To promote parental involvement throughout the year, keep parents informed, encourage their participation in your class, and make the most out of parent-teacher conferences.  Try these 9 steps!

By: Science Under the Microscope

How did I let the New York Times and Bruce Springsteen get my educational goat on Thanksgiving?   Battling the fatigue of turkey-based tryptophan overdose and trying to tune out the barrage of Christmas music that fills my house every year until December 26, I discovered David Brooks’ editorial in the New York Times entitled “The Other Education”. Reading it filled me with a combination of understanding and frustration.

By: Bronx Classroom Tales

Are essays really the only way?   It hits me about once a year that writing literary analysis essays about whether or not Piggy in The Lord of the Flies is a round or flat character, may not be an essential skill to get a young person through life.   What am I doing? Why must I torture Marquis who fell out of his desk last week when I announced the latest writing assignment? The simple answer: it’s on the test.

By: TeachHUB Interview

Move over Moodle, there's a new player buzzing on the online education scene.   We recently learned about BrainHoney, a new online course software site, and were impressed with how easy it is to use, the drag-and-drop curriculum connections, and the fact that it's FREE!   To learn more about BrainHoney and how it stacks up to the competition, we talked to the man behind the software: BrainHoney developer and marketing VP Dr. Mark Luetzelschwab.