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By: Kim Haynes

While teachers and classrooms are doing everything they can to differentiate and personalize instruction for every student, policy-makers are focusing on creating uniform standards across the map. Are these seemingly divergent paths moving in the right direction?   As a trend or hot topic in education, common or "national" standards have always been one of those ideas that resurface every few years. This time, they seem to be gaining momentum.

By: Annie Condron

What can a teacher do if students just don’t care?   This question is one that plagues every teacher, as has becomes clear through my own teaching experience and almost every conversation I’ve had with teachers.   A recent string of blog posts capture the frustration facing dedicated, caring teachers:

By: Mrs. Mimi's Chalk Talks

Here we are- about half way through the school year and right smack in the middle of winter. This is the time of year when I routinely feel a) so sick of inside recess and the resulting afternoon of madness that I could scream, b) like I have million things to cover and oh-my-goodness where did the time go and c) bored to death with my prize box.    Here are some of my favorite class rewards that won't cost a dime!

By: TeachHUB Interview
Teacher Cartoons

As a teacher-of-the-year and cartoonist, Ramon Ramirez uses classroom challenges and teachers lounge fodder as inspiration for his art.   Ramon's Teacher Toons spreads laughter outside his Texas high school to fellow humor-seeking educators around the country, including the nearly 1,000 fans on facebook. Ramon gave TeachHUB the inside scoop on how humor and positivity are the keys to his classroom success.

By: Bronx Classroom Tales

This year, my school will graduate our very first senior class. This momentous occasion is provoking conflicting emotions in the staff, from extreme joy and pride to extreme stress and frustration.    In fact, my colleague who teaches 12th grade English has taken to humming “Pomp and Circumstance” at least once a class to remind our seniors that graduation is around the corner and some of them have yet to get out the door.