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By: Ed Tech Made Easy

For most of us, making and submitting plans for a substitute can be such a pain that it's not worth the day off, especially for last minute or complex lessons. With the help of Jing, you can create sub plans quickly, easily and from anywhere (and you won't have to limit yourself to generic worksheets or videos).   This computer capture tool can help you create a video of screen shots or the whole process of your lesson. This way, nothing will be lost in translation between the lesson you want and what the substitute does. It's as if you're in the classroom showing them yourself - no matter where you are.

By: Laura Robb

"But I'm not a reading teacher. I teach literature." I hear this comment repeated again and again as I coach teachers in Virginia, New York, and Michigan and conduct workshops for middle and high school teachers around the country.   I'm sympathetic to their words because these teachers have had little to no formal training in teaching reading. However, reading is a part of daily learning, not only in the primary grades, but in grades 4 and up; and more than 8 million students in grades 4 to 12 are struggling readers. In addition, high school students in the lowest 25 percent of their class are 20 times more likely to drop out of school than are excellent and proficient learners.

By: Kim Haynes

Graphic organizer... that’s just a fancy name for a worksheet, right?   Well, not exactly. A graphic organizer is designed to present information in a different, more visual way. These organizers can increase student comprehension because they help students categorize and make sense of the information they are given. They also take the intimidation out of writing assignments because students aren't staring at a blank page.

By: Bronx Classroom Tales

The Bill Gates money runs out this year. I don’t know if this fact as begun to hit the school yet but it’s hitting me.    Small schools around the country get sponsored by a variety of non-government organizations bolstered largely by the Gates Foundation. We are one of these schools. Since we're graduating our first class next year, we won't receive any more funding.   So what happens to a school that has about $100 grand less a year in their budget when they already feels strapped? 

By: Mrs. Mimi's Chalk Talks

We have been having some truly beautiful fall days lately. And you all know what that means – FIRE DRILLS!    Now if you haven’t thought about practicing your fire drill routine (or, ahem, come up with your fire drill routine) by this point of the year, it’s time to get ready! There’s nothing worse than having that alarm sound and realizing a) you never told them what to do or b) you have no idea what to do or where to go. So consider this your friendly reminder.