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By: Ed Tech Made Easy

Do you feel isolated in your job? Are you the only one trying out new technology tools? Do not fear! I have some great suggestions for you, they are easy, free, very welcoming and supportive!   You can exchange ideas with other teachers right here on, on the discussion board or as a member of the TeachHUB community. Here are 3 of my other favorites:

By: TeachHUB Blog

Is it just me or is rudeness EVERYWHERE?   No teacher would ever abide a student screaming insults at another student giving a presentation. Nor would you allow a student to interrupt someone talking during a class discussion.   Yet that’s the example coming from pop culture to the Capitol building, setting terrible examples for students.

By: Bronx Classroom Tales

  To pitch or not to pitch... that is the question?   When I moved into my classroom, I was forced to answer this difficult question. My dilemma began with a great triumph in New York City public schools!        

By: Science Under the Microscope

As Science continues to make discoveries and develop technologies to make our lives easier, universal scientific literacy becomes more and more critical to the functioning of our democracy.  The products of scientific research are integral parts of our lives, and yet so many fail to understand the most fundamental principles of the scientific method.   A recent Pew Research Center poll found that most Americans appreciate the positive impact of science on their lives and have a high opinion of scientists. These facts paint a picture of a progressive, rational society.   And that is why I am always shocked at the willingness of the American populace to accept pseudoscientific claims as fact.

By: Kim Haynes

We’ve all seen the ads: go to school in your pajamas! At any time of day! Thanks to cheesy infomercials and stories of diploma mills, online education has a bad rap, especially among some in the educational community. But is that fair?