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By: Laura Preble

In the time when smart phones with a trillion apps are the norm, students have started treating teachers like TV sets on in the background of their otherwise engaged classroom lives.     About ten years ago, I started to notice it: My high school students began to talk to each other while I was talking. Not just a quick, furtive whisper, or a surreptitious passing of notes; no, this was full on conversation taking place while I enlightened them with riveting commentary on The Great Gatsby or The Crucible.

By: Jane Hill and Cynthia Bjork
ELL Lesson Plans

  With the increasing numbers of English language learners (ELLs) in regular education classrooms, it is important to balance practicing a new skill or new knowledge with differentiated assignments to fit ELL students’ readiness.   When students range in their stages of second language acquisition, their practice and classroom assignments can and should look different.   Differentiating lessons doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are 3 simple steps to adapt lessons for your ELL students!

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

More than 80% of teachers use non-traditional media, according to a new study of media use in the classroom.   One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to tap into visual media is through video, but many schools and districts do not have access to YouTube. If you're searching for teacher and student-driven content, I've got a great alternative for you: TeacherTube!

By: Adam J. Cox, PhD

For those of us committed to helping children overcome learning challenges, the quest to teach social skills is particularly important. Social learning impairments are associated with a wide variety of learning disabilities, although they are especially problematic for people with nonverbal learning disabilities (NLD), noted to have underdeveloped right-hemisphere abilities, including deficits in:   • reading facial expressions • perceiving emotions • using nonverbal communication (body language)

By: TeachHUB Interview
Teacher Books

To be a great teacher, you need to learn from other great teachers.    No one knows this better than Bill Smoot, Palo Alto English teacher and author of the recently released Conversations with Great Teachers - a book featuring interviews with 100 leading teachers in every realm from K-12 to clown college to the big leagues.   Bill shares his experience talking with and learning from this amazing collection of educators.