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By: TeachHUB Interview

John Corcoran was a teacher with a bachelor's degree in education and business administration. He attended school for 35 years of his life, half of them as a professional educator. He accomplished all this while hiding the fact that he was illiterate.   Learn about John's incredible struggle to read and his dedication to promote literacy in this exclusive TeachHUB interview.

By: Nancy W. Sindelar
Teacher Legal Issues

The alleged child abuse scandal that rocked Penn State has put a spotlight on the legal issues and consequences surrounding the mandated reporting of child abuse.  School officials there are now in a position of defending themselves against alleged “inaction” and minimizing sexual abuse behavior as “horsing around.”   This extreme, headline-grabbing story shines a light on the legal responsibilities of educators. This is an opportunity to review what actions you can take to avoid liability or potential law suits.

By: TeachHUB Interview
Teacher App

Want to know what your students are thinking during class? Now, there's an app for that!   The new web-based application GoSoapBox allows teachers to gauge student understanding or confusion levels throughout a lesson, poll students and track the data for future reference. It can be used on laptops, tablets and smart phones, which sets it apart from some other clicker/student response systems.   John Pytel, GoSoapBox’s founder, shared the inside scoop on this new ed tech tool in this exclusive TeachHUB interview.

Longer School Day Debate

Chicago Public Schools has set the scene for our local debate on longer school days. Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been pushing his agenda to add 90 minutes to the school day across individual CPS schools, sparking passionate responses from teachers, union leaders, and community members.   In the smartest move yet from this campaign, CPS actually asked TEACHERS how to make the Extended School Day and other scheduling changes successful for both students and teachers. Here are the 49 teacher-created recommendations to add value, not just minutes, and actually solve problems schools face.

By: Charity Preston
DI Activity Menus

Every classroom has a wide range of student abilities – even if your class is already ability grouped. To maxmize "downtime" after some students have completed their classwork and avoid classroom disruptions, give activity menus a try.   Activity menus can help keep all students engaged by giving curriculum-relevant choices to fill that time, and in those choices, students are still learning.