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By: Jinnie Spiegler
Current Events in the Classroom

It's just as important to teach current events to young children as it is to teach young adults. This article offers suggestions for how to approach current events with elementary students.

By: Mark Isero

I’m in school (again), this time for a master’s in library and information science. Although I’m not clear whether becoming a librarian makes sense to me, I do know that being a student makes me a better teacher.

By: Vince Welsh
Using Music to Teach

Did you know that rock, rap and pop music could be used as a teaching and learning tool? This doesn't mean you have to stand in front of your class belting out the rules of reading, writing and arithmetic either.   Educators, teachers, and school administrators could all use music as a way to reach students and make learning more fun, interactive, and memorable. Rock music can even be used very effectively as a tool in whole brain learning and multicultural learning.   Here are a few fun, effective ways you can tap into rap, rock and pop music in your classroom.

By: Jessica Hannan - TeachHUB
How Hurricanes are Formed - a Video Lesson for Kids

Also called cyclones or typhoons, hurricanes are giant storms prowling the world’s tropical seas. An average hurricane releases as much energy in a day as the explosion of half a million small atomic bombs.

By: Kathryn Phillips
RTI Education

No doubt by now, most teachers have heard about the Response to Intervention (RTI) model as best practices for providing academic interventions for struggling learners.   This system for managing student learning can also be a valuable tool in monitoring and improving student behavior in your classroom.