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By: Stephanie Wrobleski
12 Reasons to Be Thankful You Are a Teacher

Teaching is not a profession known for instant gratification. Sometimes, we teachers can feel completely unappreciated, but that doesn't mean the profession doesn't have its perks.   Here are 12 unexpected reasons to be thankful for being a teacher.

By: TeachHUB Interview

2006 Ohio Teacher of the Year Eric Combs combines his military background with a passion for education.   After retiring from a 20-year career in the US Air Force, Combs instructed Air Force Junior ROTC and got his teaching license through a Troops to Teachers program. He taught Social Studies in an at-risk high school program that helps students adapt to high school life and improve their academic skills.   Combs shares his unusual journey to becoming an award-winning teacher in this exclusive TeachHUB interview.

By: Jessica Hannan - TeachHUB
Video: The Best is Yet To Come: President Obama's Acceptance Speech

In a decisive victory, capping off a long and contentious campaign, President Barack Obama stood in front of his supporters in Chicago and thanked them in a rallying and inspirational acceptance speech.

By: Patty Murray

The combination of music and videos can be a powerful tool to introduce, reinforce, and review key concepts in education. With internet so easily accessible in most classrooms, incorporating educational music videos as a fun learning resource is a easier than ever.   Here is a list of the top 12 educational music videos.  

By: Kim Haynes
Incorporating Election into Lessons

With last month’s conventions and next month’s debates, it’s a perfect time to bring a little election conversation into your classroom. Here are some non-partisan ways to mix politics with classroom activities.