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By: Patty Murray
Schools Selling Seats

How much do you think a spot in a small town public school classroom costs? Try around $15,000 a year. Many rural schools are struggling to stay afloat due to tax cuts and a drop in enrollment. With fewer students enrolled in the school, less money is being provided by the government. To drive more money to these small scale public schools, administrators are putting classroom seats up for sale.

By: Jinnie Spiegler
Teaching Social Responsibility

What does it mean to teach for social responsibility? To me, it means intentionally teaching young people to understand themselves, each other, and the world.    Here are five essential ingredients to teaching for social responsibility:

By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
Common Core State Standards

When I was a students, I pounded out papers on an electric typewriter.  When I started teaching, the web wasn’t an instant resource. I taught students about note cards and bibliography cards when they researched topics.  Those days are long gone (and I am thrilled).    Today, our students gather and digest information via the Internet at amazing speed. Common Core State Standards recognize this change and require teachers to adapt. Here is an overview of the CCSS technology expectations and how teachers can begin integrate more technology into engaging teaching and learning activities.

By: TeachHUB Interview

Among Native American students, only 46% graduate high school and a mere 17% go on to attend college.    The American Indian Education Foundation has made it their mission to help Native American students realize that they can overcome these daunting statistics and the many academic challenges they face.