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By: TeachHUB Interview
Classroom Blues Band

All teachers can relate to the difficulty that often comes with getting students interested and involved in their school work. Many teachers have their own tricks and tips on how they motivate students. Educator Jon Schwartz is no different.   The self proclaimed blues aficionado has turned his passion for blues music into an educational tool to help turn his students into engaged learners.

By: Teaching Underground

I learned a valuable lesson about education from the unlikeliest of places: a donut cart.   Over time, teaching has transformed into a craft that involves creativity, individuality, and passion.  However, these necessities can be easily lost in today's classrooms.  With jam packed classes and the standard curriculum set, is teaching no longer an art?

By: Patty Murray
Teacher Blogs

In honor of summer, we want to share some awesome teacher bloggers that you should catch up on over break.   Here is a list of 26 awesome teacher blogs to check out divided by grade, subject or specialty:

By: Annie Condron
Teacher Appreciation

The education community has been all gloom and doom recently, with Waiting for Superman, protests with bad press, and more standards on top of foolish mandates coming down from every which way.   At TeachHUB, we want to remind all you teachers that we know you rock. Here are 99 reasons to prove it!

Creating Innovators Excerpt

In a time when teaching to the test seems to be stifling student creativity, Tony Wagner reveals how to prepare your students to be the next generation of innovators. Check out this sneak peek inside Wagner's new book Creating Innovators.