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By: Annie Condron
Teacher Work for Free

Those teacher-bashers who doubts the dedication and selflessness of teachers will have a hard time spinning this story:   When a Philadelphia school district ran out of funding for staff, teachers agreed to continue working for free “as long as we are individually able.”

By: Meghan Mathis
Do I Need a Pencil For This Midterm? Motivation vs. Personal Responsibility

It is easier just to hand the student a pencil for the third day in a row, rather than devise a punishment or incentive to encourage him/her to bring one on their own. But if we are going to be true to our purpose of preparing our students to be successful adults, we have to be willing to require them to be better, work harder, and accept responsibility for their actions.

By: Ignacio Lopez, Ed.D.
Getting Students Attention

The science of attention teaches us that we tend to pay attention to what we have been taught to value and that we tend to be astonishingly blind to change until something disrupts our pattern and makes us see what has been invisible before (Davidson, 2011).    How might this statement apply to the life of a classroom teacher working with several students?

By: Kim Haynes
Snap Out of a Teaching Slump

It’s that time of year again. The months between winter break and spring break can feel like the longest days of a teacher’s life. But don’t despair! Here are some ways to snap yourself – or your students – out of that slump.

By: TeachHUB Interview

Cincinnati high school football coach Steve Specht has been with his alma mater St. Xavier for the last 16 years. After a winning season that brought them all the way to the Ohio regionals, Specht still strives to teach his players to become good men.     Coach Specht, considered one of the best all-around coaches in the country, was kind enough to share his insights what makes a good coach and a great teacher.