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By: Annie Condron
Student Book Club Guide

Don't let the "summer slide" erode all the reading progress your students have made this year. Encourage students to keep reading over the summer by forming book clubs!   We've created a Student Book Club Guide to share with your students and their parents to help you get the ball rolling.

By: Rosshalde Pak
Classroom Time Fillers

The end of the year is exciting; full of activities and fast-paced schedules that change almost daily.  What with assemblies, award ceremonies, meetings, field trips, and presentations, teachers can't depend on their standard time limit for daily lessons.     To prepare for unplanned free time, here are a few of my favorite educational time-filles for the end of the year that students love!

By: Annie Condron
Education in Harry Potter

One thing that is rarely noticed about the Harry Potter series is how revealing Rowlings’ work is to the teaching profession. She follows her characters through their school years and shows the readers what does and does NOT make for great teachers.   As a tribute to memory of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, here are 10 teacher evaluations for our favorite magical faculty.

By: Emily K. Coleman, Daily Gazette, Sterling, IL
Teacher Pension Protest

May 17--DIXON, IL -- Teachers gathered outside state Sen. Tim Bivins' Dixon office Wednesday to pre-emptively protest a bill that might be introduced today.   As the state tries to grapple with massive unfunded pension costs, unions worry that possible pension changes may follow the example set in 2010 when both chambers passed pension changes for future employees in a single day.

By: Dr. Katherine McKnight
Literacy Education

As literacy educators, we know that school is very different than our experience as teenage students in the 1980s.   Try these tips to modernize your literacy education for modern students' needs and integrate technology in your classroom.