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By: Annie Condron

Say good bye to hugs, high fives and touching in school. (Reminder: a wave or text will suffice as a parting exchange unless you want detention).   Schools, like the Portland middle school noted in this ABC News video, are banning hugs and other physical contact because it is interfering with students’ educational experience.  

By: John Davis Jr.

As the new school year begins, there are plenty of rituals that teachers observe:  the trips to office supply stores for those things that we “need” in the year ahead, the faculty meetings to welcome everyone back, and the inevitable classroom preparations that we look forward to every fall. When that first bell rings, I want to be motivated, inspired, and contagiously happy. One ritual I'm using to achieve that mindset is creating a list of twelve things that make me passionate for the profession:

By: Ignacio Lopez, Ed.D.
Positive Teaching

Are the pressures from administrators, parents and life outside of school hurting your teaching?   I’ve spent my career working with highly demanding urban high turnaround and selective enrollment high schools. There is no shortage of challenge and negative energy in these environments, yet I’ve seen that all my successful teachers share this idea of positive thoughts and a positive demeanor when working with students.    Staying positive is no easy task, but these five positivity strategies will give you the tools to maintain an outlook that leads you and your students to perform your best.

By: Vince Welsh

The challenges of disciplining with dignity and preventing dropouts go hand in hand. Many students at risk for dropping out sometimes display behavioral problems that challenge their teachers on a daily basis.   Instead of wasting valuable learning time handling certain student’s behavioral problems, teachers can learn to discipline with dignity and acquire the necessary skills, techniques, and structure needed to spend more time on teaching and positive interactions.  

By: TeachHUB Interview

Teresa Dove doesn't need the four walls of a classroom to be an outstanding educator.    Dove recently won the first ever National Online Teacher of the Year award for her work with the Florida Virtual School. She teaches Algebra II and integrates reading education by being the first math teacher to create a Model Literacy Classroom.   Dove shares her keys to success in the online classroom in the TeachHUB exclusive interview.