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By: TeachHUB Interview

Drawing from personal experience can shape who we are as people and who we are as teachers.   Brad Cohen is the award-winning teacher he is today because of his experience as a student with Tourette Syndrome. His inspirational story is captured in his book Front of the Class and the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" movie based on his life.   Brad shares the struggles and successes on his journey in this TeachHUB interview:

By: Kim Haynes

We hear about arts programs are being cut in schools across the country, a victim of budgetary restrictions or the need for test-prep time. No big deal, some say. But think again.   Students who regularly participated in the arts for at least one full year were more likely to:   be recognized for academic achievement be elected to class office participate in a math and science fair win an award for school attendance   To integrate the arts in YOUR classroom, try one or all of these Top 12 ways!

By: Teaching Around the World

Sharing, organizing and reflecting on student learning is important for student growth. In her international teaching blog, Kim describes how she is using blogs for ongoing, reflective portfolios of student work.

By: Meghan Mathis

Summer’s here at last and you’ve been enjoying all those things you dreamed about during the school year. But as the days pass, you might find yourself thinking about next year…and what you might like to do better. With that in mind, here are 12 excellent resources that are guaranteed to give you plenty of inspiration to try something new next year, tweak a unit to make it better, or add something to your classroom to really inspire kids to learn.

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

Everybody loves to play with magnets. I still have my refrigerator covered with magnets although all the children are grown. You can bring that fun to your computer, your interactive white boards and your classroom with Word Magnets.