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By: Mrs. Mimi's Chalk Talks

As 2011 approaches, I know that many of us are scrambling to come up with our New Year’s Resolutions. Pretty soon we will see the expected extra long lines for the treadmill at the gym and empty shelves of bagged salad at the grocery store.   This year I realized that there are two obvious problems with my resolutions.  1. They are horribly general. They don’t really name any specific behavior or situations.  2. They lack a plan. (And you know I love a good color-coded plan!)   So in 2011, I have revolutionized my resolutions! 

By: Annie Condron

With the 2.0 teaching community getting bigger by the day, there are endless options to look for lessons.     You can gain the expertise of veteran teachers, the resources of major news agencies, ed tech capabilities that would make Bill Gates jealous or just the combined brainstorm of innumerable teachers around the world , all with the click of a mouse.   To save you the time of wading through the thousands of sites out there, we've compiled the Top 12 go-to websites when looking for lessons:

By: Rob Johnson

An obvious fact that we’re all aware of as teachers is that a student, when recognized for positive behavior, will feel less inclined to seek attention in inappropriate ways. Conversely, when a pupil’s efforts are ignored, the chances of them disrupting the lesson to gain some attention are greatly increased.   Young people need reassurance and encouragement if they are to continue to behave appropriately.

By: TeachHUB Interview

The core curriculum just got a little cooler, thanks to Mr. Duey.   Daniel "DJ" Duey brings his love of rap into the classroom into his 7th grade math class in Michigan to tremendous results. After his videos started topping the charts on TeacherTube, Mr. Duey recorded his hip hop curriculum and is making it available to schools around the country.    With the first run of “Class Dis-Missed” now sold out, DJ Duey let TeachHUB know what it's like to be rocking raps in schools around the country. 

By: Ed Tech Made Easy

Getting stranded on a desert island just got educational, thanks to PBS Raising Reader's Kids Island.   Every few months, I search for the latest websites for young children. My own children loved Sesame Street and predictability of the show, so I started at the source. Since Sesame Street has been introducing our youngest learners to a world of literacy, numeracy and social sciences, what would they be promoting today?