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By: Kim Haynes
Snap Out of a Teaching Slump

It’s that time of year again. The months between winter break and spring break can feel like the longest days of a teacher’s life. But don’t despair! Here are some ways to snap yourself – or your students – out of that slump.

By: TeachHUB Interview

Cincinnati high school football coach Steve Specht has been with his alma mater St. Xavier for the last 16 years. After a winning season that brought them all the way to the Ohio regionals, Specht still strives to teach his players to become good men.     Coach Specht, considered one of the best all-around coaches in the country, was kind enough to share his insights what makes a good coach and a great teacher.

By: Sarah Edson

With so many lightning-fast connections at our doorstep, we find ourselves within reach of some of the most powerful learning resources that have ever existed on Earth.  The quantity of choices intimidates many.  However, the beauty of having so many choices, the beauty of digital media itself is its inherent flexibility and potential to serve all learners.   Why should we not make it a priority to improve our own flexibility as educators and learners at every available opportunity?

By: TeachHUB Blog
Snow Lesson Ideas

We recently had our first Chicago snow storm which meant digging out my car, an unpleasant drive to work and basically feeling soggy all morning. But I am determined to maintain a romanticized winter wonderland mentality this year. To stay optimistic, I'm focusing on the upside of snow and its educational value!   Here are a few of my favorite snowy school day activities:

By: Steve Wheeler
Student Presentation

Although I am employed to teach, I consider it something of a disappointment if I don't learn something myself during my teaching sessions.   Sure, it is my prime responsibility to ensure that my students are given the best opportunities to learn, and I take pride in creating the best possible learning environments and experiences I can offer. The real magic occurs when we are all learning together, and I would like to argue that this should be the case in any learning environment.