Latest Education News List

By: Annie Condron
tv teachers

With the new fall television season upon us, it seems the perfect time to recognize our favorite fictional educators from the small screen.   Here are our top 12 favorite TV teachers.

Bullying prevention

It is possible to minimize bullying. With help, students can grow stronger and stand up against bullies. On the flip side, bullies can change their ways, with the right motivation. Students do not need to fear walking through the doors of the school every morning. The victimized students in this video found ways to overcome the obstacles in their lives, and they continue on with hope for the future, as many students can and will, with help from actively involved teachers and parents.

healthy school lunches

Raleigh County schools are working to fall within the new federal guidelines for lunch menus that became effective this year.

Chicago Teacher's Union Strike

All eyes in the city will be on the nearly 800 delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union on Tuesday. The delegates will either show faith with their community and vote to return to the classrooms Wednesday, or they'll throw the city into chaos by continuing the teacher walkout. Refusing to go back to work would be a disastrous escalation of this labor fight.

Google Course Builder

Google has announced an online course builder which includes all of the formalities you would expect from a full educational course, including a registration process and schedule alongside certificates and the standard content repository that you would expect.