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By: Meghan Mathis
IEP Meeting Tips

As a teacher, having to discuss a child’s deficits with his or her parents can be a very uncomfortable experience.  Every parent wants their child to have a successful, happy life and that certainly is possible for students who are challenged with a disability.    Here are some simple communication tips that can make the parent feels like a partner in their child’s teaching team – rather than an unhappy or confused outsider.

By: Tracie Heskett, M.Ed.
Teaching ELL Math

Many lessons in existing curricula are designed for native speakers of English and do not support second language acquisition. This is particularly true for math instruction.   To help adapt math instruction for non-native speakers, ELL Math expert Tracie Heskett shares her specific strategies to teach math skills to English language learners.

Ed Tech Quiz

How does your ed tech prowess stack up with your fellow teachers? Take the Ed Tech Intelligence quiz to find out!   1. Where do you get your news? a. Newspaper and radio b. Online c. Following CNN on facebook and twitter apps

By: Patty Murray
Schools Selling Seats

How much do you think a spot in a small town public school classroom costs? Try around $15,000 a year. Many rural schools are struggling to stay afloat due to tax cuts and a drop in enrollment. With fewer students enrolled in the school, less money is being provided by the government. To drive more money to these small scale public schools, administrators are putting classroom seats up for sale.

By: Jinnie Spiegler
Teaching Social Responsibility

What does it mean to teach for social responsibility? To me, it means intentionally teaching young people to understand themselves, each other, and the world.    Here are five essential ingredients to teaching for social responsibility: