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Finding Superman Excerpt

The upcoming book Finding Superman reveal the reality behind the claims in Waiting for Superman and explore the untold stories missed by the film with the help of today's leading minds in education. Dr. Watson Scott Swain and company also recognize the flourishing public schools, the failing charter schools, and the unlauded success stories of educators.   Here's a sneak peak into Finding Superman's chapter on ways to stop waiting for Superman and find him in our schools.

By: Pernille Ripp

It was a simple question really. "Would I like being a student in my own classroom?" It stopped me in my tracks.   Last year, when the students had left, the chairs had been put up, and the exhaustion hit, I realized that no, this was not the type of classroom I would have wanted to learn in.  And so began a quest of soul-searching, revising, and rethinking, in order for myself not to become a statistic; another new teacher who quits.

By: Annie Condron
Skype in the Classroom

Imagine taking your class on an "around the world" field trip or having your favorite children's author lead today's read-aloud. You can do both of these and more without leaving your classroom thanks to Skype.   Here are just a few of the endless possibilities for using Skype in the classroom. 

By: Kim Haynes
Teacher Professional Development

“I’d love to do some professional development, but it’s just so expensive!”   If that sounds familiar, take heart: here are some activities that are low cost, but high impact – guaranteed to make you a more effective teacher next fall.

By: Carrie Hauck, ZooKids Instructor
Zoo Teacher

Everyday is an adventure teaching in the ZooKids classroom at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.    As I open the door to my classroom, I’m greeted by a cast of animal characters…chinchillas (princess diamond sparkle and chula), a turtle, two salamanders, one frog, two rabbits, and even a bearded dragon lizard.