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By: Meghan Mathis
Virtual Field Trips

Budget cuts, the need for an ever-increasing number of chaperones per student, and about a million other obstacles educators face every day are making class field trips a thing of the past. Virtual field trips can give students a bit of the “field trip experience” without the need for funding, permission slips, and chaperones.   Here are some quick pointers on how to make virtual field trips an exciting and useful part of your lesson plans.

By: Dr. A. Douglas Eury, Dr. Jane King & John D. Balls
Successful Learning Cultures

As we move head strong into the 21st Century, considerable dialogue centers on building learning cultures that support and sustain educational performance.   Educators can build sustained student performance through creating successful learning cultures by focusing on these 10 key topics for professional development and experience.

By: Patty Murray

“Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are.”   A Michigan superintendent channeled this James W. Frick quote when he questioned the governor to request that his school be turned into a prison.

By: Ron Coniglio
Quality Time with Students

As teachers, we all try to establish that all important teacher/student relationship to engage students in learning and growing. Creating extra time for interaction beyond the instructional portion of the day is a great way to strengthen this relationship.

By: Patty Murray
Free Printables Lesson Plans

Continuing with the countdowns, here are the top 12 most popular printable lessons of 2011: