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By: Prakash L Dheeriya, PhD
Finance Lessons for Kids

It's never too early to teach children financial lessons and the necessary life skills of money management.   As a veteran finance professor and father of two young sons, I'd like to share my top 12 ways to teach good money habits to kids of all ages.

By: Ron Coniglio
Kindergarten Teacher

Throughout our entire career as students, we encounter countless amounts of teachers that impact our educational career in some way or another.    Every once in a while one of those teachers leaves a lasting impression.  For me, that  was my very first teacher.

By: John Davis Jr.

One teaching objective frequently used by administrators and educational evaluators is the old adage “Teach bell-to-bell.” Sometimes, however, this wise advice is easier given than done.   Teachers find themselves with five or even ten vacant minutes at the end of class, and they ask themselves, “What now?” While some may opt to allow students additional “study time” or “early homework time,” such a plan usually goes awry, and students begin chattering, antagonizing one another, and generally become disruptive in the absence of an actual purpose.   A better answer to the “dead time” issue comes in the form of Exit Slips:

By: Stephanie Wrobleski
Bullying Prevention

In a matter of days, I saw a student transform from an outgoing and bright girl who loved school, went from never wanting to miss a day of classes to one who begs to stay home. The reason? She was being bullied.     Teachers play a vital role in creating a sense of community in school. By making connections with students, you can better recognize instances of bullying and play a role in preventing them.

By: TeachHUB Blog

Just because you don't take excuses doesn't mean students won't make them. When students start spouting excuses, I like to share the story of the time my dog actually ate my homework...   Enjoy that story and some of the most memorable excuses from students and parents I've come across: