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By: Kelly Nelson-Danley
A table with books, an apple, and a pen flipped upside down with the words ‘flipped classroom’ written in chalk.

A flipped classroom is a great way to put learning in the hands of students. Learn about what a flipped classroom is, its benefits, and how to create your own.

By: Jessica Shaffer
Young boy in a wheelchair playing basketball with two girls.

When children play together, regardless of ability, they form connections and learn crucial lessons. Learn why inclusivity and play should go hand-in-hand.

By: Misty Hance
Young women handing her resume to interviewer during a job interview.

Whether you’re experienced or brand-new in the classroom, interviews can be stressful. Check out these common interview questions for teachers and how to answer them.

By: Allen Baragar
A teacher and group of young students standing in a classroom using a laptop.

The modern classroom utilizes technology to engage students and give them a voice. Encourage both by learning how to use Flipgrid in the classroom.

By: Dr. Lori McDonald
Teacher helping a group of young students with a science experiment.

Keeping students motivated during school is a challenge all teachers face and try to master. Learn how to motivate students in the classroom with these tips.



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