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Instant Video Messaging with Tokbox

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Instant Video Messaging with Tokbox Tokbox is my latest, and most fun tool!

Remember when you got your first boardgame? You wanted everyone to play it and enjoy it as much as you did. This is the similar feeling I have toward Tokbox.

Our town librarian pointed me to TokBox and their video messaging system, saying that she really liked how easy it was to use. I immediately registered for this free service and began sending messages and I can't wait to get everyone on board.

My first step was to tap into my personal learning network (PLN) for ideas on how to use Tokbox. What better way than with a Tokbox instant video message, right? So I sent an instant message out to my PLN and asked for suggestions about how this would be used in a classroom.

  • Eric Sailers, a speech language therapist, messaged about how he would use it while modeling the pronunciation of words for his students.
  • Elaine Roberts suggested it as a great way to invite guest lecturers into a classroom, either live or as a saved video. 

These are just two of the many messages I received by sending my message out with a gadget right in TokBox for Twitter and Facebook. The responses were immediate, and within a few hours I had five suggested activities. 

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The power of this tool is that the video and audio are great and instant.

All you need on your computer, laptop or netbook is a videocam, an internet connection and your user name and password for TokBox. Once you have that you are in business. Record your message, you have up to 10 minutes on a Macintosh, and I've heard 15 minutes on a computer running XP.

Wouldn't this be a great way to send out your Back to School or thanks for a great school year message? Try this out now, brainstorm your own uses and come back to share them with us!!

What will you do with Tokbox? Share in the comments section!

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