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Infographic: Most Common Exam Superstitions Worldwide

Every once in a while, we get that feeling that there is more to a grade than what we know or have learned. In fact, the majority of students worldwide believe in some superstition, in the sense that this is what decides their fate in exams.

Generally speaking, exam superstitions differ among students. The main reason for this is cultural differences. However, it is a common fact that every student has at least a tiny superstition before or during an exam.

For example, we already know you are or have been superstitions at some point. Whether you are listening to your lucky song or wearing your lucky shoes, you are superstitious. Yes, superstitions often have logic behind their existence, but this does not make them something else.

These two are the most common superstitions that come to the mind, but you will be surprised how many of these actually exist in the world. For example, did you know that in Denmark, people throw dishes at the house for luck? For New Year’s, Danish and German children leave an entire pile of broken dishes in front of their friends' doorsteps for luck!

That is not all. If you go to China, you will learn that parents sweep dirt away from their front door to bring luck to the child for the exams, or that in Serbia and Macedonia they use water to do this. When the student leaves the house for some exam or other important matter, they spill the water behind them to make sure it gives them good luck.

If you thought these superstitions are weird, check the infographic by Essay Geeks!

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