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Incorporating Fine Motor Activities into Daily Instruction

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Incorporating Fine Motor Activities into Daily InstructionBeing home on maternity leave I have had lots of time to think, but not as much time as I thought to write.  Who knew adding one more little boy to the family would make so many changes!

Something that I have been thinking about is that when working in special education we often have students who need to work on their fine motor skills.  These skills are important for our students as they will need to use their fine motor skills in daily activities such as tying their shoes, zipping up a jacket, making a meal, etc.

Fine motor activities are one of my favorite areas to incorporate into everyday instruction.  There are so many fun activities you can do to practice fine motor skills that your students will not even know they are learning. I make a point to work specifically on a fine motor activity daily and I incorporate my students IEP goals into this activity. 

Easy & Fun Fine Motor Activities and Apps

For example, I may have a student who needs to sort items by color.  To do this we may use a muffin tin and tweezers to sort different colored pom poms.  When working on spelling we will often use play-doh to roll out and form the letters.  We also incorporate fine motor activities into our weekly cooking activities by cutting, stirring, spreading, etc. 

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There are also some neat iPad apps that you can use to work on fine motor skills.  Some on my favorites are Dexteria, Letter Writer Oceans, and Letter Writer Space.

I am sure if you have read my blog before you have noticed that I have a new found love for Pinterest, so of course, I have already started a Pinterest board for fine motor activities.  I also have some other sites that I often visit to find some new ideas to help my students with their fine motor skills.  Check them out and let me know if you have any activities that you enjoy in your classroom.

Useful Websites for Practicing Fine Motor Skills

Therapy Fun Zone
The Recycling Occupational Therapist Blog


How do you incorporate fine motor activities into your daily lessons? Share in the comments section!


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