Are you going to see The Hunger Games opening weekend?
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Pam Richmond's picture

We're taking all interested middle and upper school students by bus on Friday night. Excitements reigns!!

Elizabeth Van Egdom's picture

I'm going at midnight on Thursday, and then I will attempt to stay awake at school on Friday. I'm so excited!!!

Lee Ann Strong Hayes's picture

Our high school read the book last year and on Friday the whole school is going to see the movie!

Guest's picture

Can't do it this week. I will wait until the crowds die down & enjoy...

aprilmae's picture

I went to the MID-NIGHT PREMIER !!!! My daughers are both in the movie they are in the reaping scene and then when they are in the arena the cameras flash back to district 12 to get the feel of the district my daughers are the only faces on the WHOLE screen . It was amazing to watch them. The movie is SUPER!