Hotel Transylvania Writing Prompt

Christine Wojdyla, TeachHUB

The popular Hotel Transylvania is out just in time to add some laughs to the Halloween season. Some of your students may have seen the film, while others may not have. Using the trailer, you can get your students excited about Halloween and writing down their thoughts about classic monsters and villains.

Use this video writing prompt to encourage your students to get creative and think outside the traditional Halloween box. For older students, question their beliefs on keeping secrets.

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K-2: Make Them Funny

In Hotel Transylvania, we get to see the monsters in a relaxing hotel just for monsters. They’re going to make you laugh. Draw a picture of your favorite monster or bad guy, and showing how they can make you laugh, instead of scaring you.   

3-5: The Scariest of Them All

Dracula, Mummy, Skeleton, Frankenstein, Werewolf, and even Witch…are all Halloween Favorites. Which one of the famous characters would make for the scariest Halloween costume? Describe what you would wear in your costume.

6-8: Relaxing at the Hotel Transylvania

What is your favorite spooky story? Can you imagine the main scary character at the Hotel Transylvania? What would his/her/its room look like? How would they relax? What would they do if they saw a human?

9-12: A Visit to Hotel Transylvania

Humans are not supposed to be able to visit Hotel Transylvania. It’s supposed to be an escape for monsters only. If you could visit Hotel Transylvania, would you keep the secrets of the monsters living there? Why or why not?


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