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Hooray! It's 100th Day!

Janelle Cox

Elementary schools across the country are getting ready to celebrate the 100th day of school. This is the perfect time to celebrate a milestone while having fun with the number 100.

The activities below will help students develop their math skills, as well as sharpen their writing and observation skills. Celebrate your 100th day together by trying these fun ideas!

Exploring 100

  • Challenge students to write 100 addition, subtraction, multiplication or division facts.
  • Draw geometric shapes 100 times.
  • Flip a coin 100 times and keep track of how many heads and tails you get.
  • Write all the different ways you can write 100. For example, Roman numeral or tally.
  • Fill in a hundreds chart.
  • Count to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, etc.
  • Roll the dice to 100. Estimate how many rolls it will take to get to 100, and how many it actually took to get there. ( Print out the "Roll the Dice" worksheet in the free lesson plans section)
  • On a map, count the places where the temperature is 100 degrees.
  • Do 100 exercises. (Split them into 10's; 10 jumping jacks, 10 toe-touches, etc.)
  • Write down as many numbers as you can in 100 seconds.
  • Play bingo using a 100's chart.

100th Day Learning Center

Create a station in the learning center around the 100 theme. At the center, have students complete the following:

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  1. Write 10 words
  2. Write 10 numbers
  3. Draw 10 shapes
  4. Stick 10 stickers
  5. Write your full name 10 times 
  6. Write one spelling word 10 times
  7. Write the names of 10 animals
  8. Glue 10 Popsicle sticks
  9. Draw a 10-eyed monster
  10. Stamp 10 stamps

Collect 100 items

Have students bring in 100 of their favorite items to school. Make sure you encourage students to choose an item that they can fit into a medium sized baggy or small plastic container. Brainstorm a list of acceptable items such as the following: Coins, Legos, buttons, Skittles, feathers, M&M's, crayons, marbles, seashells, puzzle pieces, Matchbox cars, dice, paper clips, erasers, stickers, chocolate chips, etc.

Journal Writing Prompts

  • If I had 100 wishes, I would…
  • If I had 100 animals, I would…
  • If I had $100, I would…
  • If I didn't have school for 100 days, I would…
  • 100 is an important number because…
  • If I had 100 coins, I would…
  • 100 years from now…

 Create a 100th Day of School Bulletin Board

Celebrate the 100th day of school in your classroom by displaying the students' photographs in the shape of the number 100. Title the display, "Hooray! We've Reached the 100th Day!" Another fun bulletin board is to fill 10 different baggies with a variety of small items. For example, have one baggy filled with 100 paper clips and another one filled with 90 coins, etc. The students must try to figure out which ones actually have 100 in them. Title the display, "How Much has 100?"

Have a 100th Day Celebration

Have students blow up 100 balloons and bring in a treat that has 100 pieces in it. Select snacks that are small, such as: Goldfish crackers, raisons, fruit snacks or trail mix.

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