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Google Squared: A Search Engine for Students

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Google Squared: A Search Engine for Students The world of search is changing. Google , the leader, is being challenged by Microsoft and it's new search engine, Bing. In order to stay ahead Google is constantly working on new and innovative products to stay #1.


Google Squared has been around for a while now but still has not caught on, and I can't really figure out why. For students, Google Squared so good and I really do think it will change the way students conduct research online.


How is Google Squared Different?

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First, Google Squared is a search engine. It works just like Google Search. You type in a search term and you are presented with results. What is different is how the results are presented and what you can do with the data.


For this review, I am going to use the search term "British Prime Ministers." When you do a regular Google Search you get what you expect, several sites that contains lists of British PM's. Students would then have to work through each of the links, trying to find the information, not knowing how that information is going to be organized on each resulting page.

With Google Squared, the search results are presented in a table. Results are organized horizontally with several pieces of information (or what Google calls Attributes.) In the case of the British PM's you get the name, picture, description, date of birth, religion and who they were proceeded by. All of the results in each of those columns comes from different places on the web, organized in the Squares. You can check the information for each Result and Attribute but clicking the link in the Square. (Remember, its always a good idea to double check where the information is coming from.)

Google Squared: A Search Engine for Students


Why is Google Squared Right for Your Students?

Lets say I want my students to research British PM's and I don't want them to know the religion, rather, I want them to know the date of death and political party. Again, these could all be separate searches on multiple pages, taking lots of time. In the Square, you can designate what Attributes you want displayed.

There are suggestions for Attributes or you can type your own. In the case of date of death, that is a suggestion. However, political party is not. So I type it in and am presented with the political parties for all the British PM's.

 Google Squared: A Search Engine for Students


What if you do not like one of the search results, or do not need one of the search results? Press the X and it goes away. So basically your search results are customized for your needs or what you want your students need.


Sample Searches for Google Squared

Try some of these cool searches: Baseball Teams Types of Dogs Elements Roller Coasters


These are just some examples of how you could use Google Squared. Remember, this product is still a baby, so there are going to be mistakes or search results that just don't fit. But, just as other Google products, I am sure sure it will get better Head on over to Google Squared and give it a try!



How do you teach your students to search? Share in the comments section!


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