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Go-To Science Websites for Labs, Demos & Experiments

Science Under the Microscope

Go-To Science Websites for Labs, Demos & ExperimentsAll Science teachers have found themselves ready to begin a unit, but needing some fun or exciting lessons to really get the students engaged.

You've probably searched the Internet for demonstrations or lab activities.
You might have even sent out group emails pleading with friends and colleagues for their ideas.


Well, I have three "go-to" sources for demos and equipment that I hope you'll find useful:


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Steve Spangler Science
I don't usually care much for "TV Science Guys" who make a living out of making appearances on television talk shows playing up the flash of science without the underlying understanding. But, Spangler is the real thing and his online store includes video demonstrations and reasonably priced items for purchase.


N.E.R.D.S. from Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

These are the Nebraska Educators Really Doing Science, and their site offers some really fantastic physical science demonstrations. They even provide supply lists and photos. Most of these are classics that are well-tested.


Kitchen Science Experiments from The Naked Scientists

These guys produce several of the most fantastic science podcasts that you can listen to. They are freely available on iTunes, but this site offers an extra twist: experiments that require nothing more than typical kitchen equipment.

I love to use these activities with my students because they can then go home and show it off to their families. They love being the "family scientist"!


Where do you go for cool science demos, labs or experiment ideas? Share in the comments section!


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