Have you tried the FLIPPED classroom model?
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Lisa S.'s picture

My husband uses the flipped model for most of his math classes!

SuperC's picture

Had never even heard of that model, but I like it! I may give it a try in my 2nd grade classroom

Juie G.'s picture

Discovery Education's Science Techbook has flipped our K thru 8 science classes and rocked my world!!

Susan Sauve's picture

The hardest thing is that some of my students do not have computers but I would love it.

Aimee's picture

I love it! They can watch the lecture anytime they want and as often as they want or need. Then, classroom time is spent answering any confusion they have, doing hands-on learning and higher order thinking activities.

Michele Burke's picture

I love my flipped algebra classes

Judy Walton's picture

I use the flipped model to teach all of my classes (AP US History, AP World History, and AP US Government). The students love it!

Ruth 's picture

Great way to homeschool! Guessing that is what they might be going toward! YEA!

MG's picture

It sounds great, but when over half of your students do not have computers or internet access on a consistant basis (read at or below poverty line, homeless, split time between 2 homes, etc) it would be impossible. Being in a rural area also means that most of my students are not within walking distance of the library or other area with computers and access.

Crystal's picture

I'm using it this year and it's great! I'm blogging/reflecting all semester on it at flippingwithkirch.blogspot.com

Maggie's picture

Are there videos for Theatre Arts and Tech Theatre?