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The Feng Shui Classroom

Lynn Lee


The Feng Shui ClassroomThese days stress is the number one killer of relationships and productivity. Stress is everywhere. Even small kids get stressed fast due to peer pressure, pressures from class and the amount of homework that is placed upon them. Many people have started turning to the ancient art of Feng Shui to make their home and office clutter free and pleasant.


These day’s even classrooms arealigned as advised by Fengshui so that the kids can have maximum productivity. Let’s examine the ways in which we can achieve a feng shui classroom:


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Fengshui Tip #1- Clear the Clutter


Clutter is perhaps one of the most stressful and harmful aspects of a classroom. Make the class room as clutter free as possible. Remove all the charts, posters and hangings that are not required. Do not keep too many books and papers in the class room cupboards. Keep them as tidy as possible.


Fengshui Tip #2- Classroom Arrangements


Most classrooms have close seated arrangements. The desk should be arranged in the following manner.


Shui Your Seating. The teacher’s desk should always be facing the door with its back firmly against the wall. This is the power position and imperative to the teacher. For pupils’ desks, you need to avoid square pillows, sharp corners, and desk in rows.


Bring in nature calls. Classrooms should be arranged as close to nature as possible. They should be made to depict the natural beauty and tranquility. Use earth toned colors and plants into your class room to keep it natural. Use real plants, free form shapes, and beautiful natural sceneries to make your class room beautiful. You need to avoid furnishing like mirrors.


Fengshui Tip #3- Classroom Enhancements


Avoid using fluorescent light in the class room since it gives a claustrophobic and closed feeling. Plan activities in the natural sunlight or set up excursions to natural places. This will not only make children appreciate nature but also save them from the uncomfortable glare of the tube light. Ask students to get their own floor lamps if they really must use light in the class room.


Provide soothing music in the class. Music has the power to heal the mind, body and soul. Music can also help in increasing concentration. The steady and soothing rhythm of classical music is ideal for setting the class room environment for independent reading or class work. Hence, try including music in your classroom during class room periods.


Provide water in the class room as water symbolizes flow and serenity. Feng Shui suggests that water must be present at a learning place to symbolize the flow of knowledge. You can add a small aquarium, fish bowel, water garden or a table top water fall to your class room. Besides being soothing for the classroom environment, it can also help children in enhancing their creative writing, art and research abilities.


Feng Shui can be used in the classrooms to enhance the child’s creativity and innovation skills so use Fengshui to enhance your class room and learning capacity. The next time your students start to falter, consider turning to the ancient oriental art of geomancy and try to achieve a feng shui classroom.


Is your classroom feng shui? What are your classroom organization tips? Share in the comments section!


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