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We finally made it to summer! To celebrate this awesome season, we're amping up the fun with TeachHUB's social media and giving away some fun prizes in the process! 

Teacher "Social Summer Giveaways" Details

All summer long, we will be hosting a weekly contest filled with prizes and giveaways. A new contest will be announced each Monday on the TeachHUB facebook page. Contestants will have until Wednesday to participate.

Get full contest details!



Battle of the Boards Photo Contest

Congrats to Suzanne Lak of Sexton Elementary in St. Petersburg, Florida.! She won the $250 Donors Choose gift card for her "Poet Tree" entry in the Battle of the Boards Photo Contest


Teachers from all over the country submitted their bulletin board and classroom photos. The top finalist were chosen by the TeachHUB team and then battled it out in a vote.


Check out the Battle of the Boards finalists' photos and the final rankings!

Contest closed June 4, 2012.

Instant Winner Wednesdays


Between March and June, nearly 1,000 prizes were won instantly in the scratch off game, including several $500 school donations! Stay tuned for the return of this TeachHUB favorite.


Contest closed June 19, 2012.

Teacher Talent Contest

Congrats to John Moyer and the Music Faculty of Central York! They were the $1000 prize winners for the Teacher Talent Contest. They generously donated their winnings to a music scholarship fun.


Teachers from all over the country submitted their talent videos for a chance at cash prizes. The top finalist were chosen by the TeachHUB team and then battled it out in a vote.


Check out the Teacher Talent Contest finalists' videos and the final rankings!

Contest closed May 14, 2012.

Pin It To Win It Giveaway

This winter, we connected with Pinterest-loving educators to collaborate and share recommendations through the latest social media platform.


Ten teachers won iTunes gift cards for sharing their education pins with TeachHUB followers. Get full contest details and check out the winners!

Contest closed February 15, 2012.

12 Days of TeachHUB Holiday Giveaway

For the holiday season, we had a little Facebook fun!


We're gave away new TeachHUB t-shirts and mugs EVERY school day from December 5 to the 21st (a.k.a. The 12 Days of TeachHUB). A new winner was announced daily based on their participation on the TeachHUB Facebook page.


Follow TeachHUB on Facebook to find out how to enter more TeachHUB facebook giveaways.


Contest closed December 22, 2011.


Best Dressed Teacher Contest 2011

Congratulations to Kirsten Guerra, our Best Dressed Teacher Contest winner! She rallied to 51% of the more than 3 million votes.

Kristen is sharing a few more fashion photos and tips to celebrate her victory.


Prize: $100 gift card & a fashion feature article on TeachHUB



Monthly Classroom Projector Giveaway

Congratulations to our Projector Giveaway winners: 

Allison Jones of Carpenter Elementary in Cary, North Carolins
Connie Conley of Lake County Middle School in Ridgely, Tennessee
Jennifer Poore Bentley of Henderson Middle School in Richmond, Virginia


Prize: ViewSonic's PJ458D projector


Thank you to all those who entered!

Contest closed November 14, 2011.

Hot Mess Classroom Contest

Congratulations to Heather Asbell of Emerson Elementary in Joplin, Missouri and Melanie Driscoll of Brandon High School in Brandon, FL . Among the 80+ photo entries, they were chosen among the top 12 finalists for their messy classroom photos. Heather's Joplin Tornado Disaster photo and Melanie's Music Mayhem Mess photo combined for 89% of the vote and more than13,000 total votes.  


Prize: A$200 Staples giftcards for Back to School shopping


Thank you to all those who entered!

Contest closed June 20, 2011.


TeachHUB iPad Giveaway

Classroom iPad Giveaway

Congratulations to Matt Malcore of Washington Junior High in Manitowoc, Wisconsin for being randomly chosen as the winner of TeachHUB's Classroom iPad Giveaway. Along with thousands of other teachers, Matt submitted a lesson to enter the iPad Giveaway. His innovative lesson tasked students with preparing videos about themselves for their annual IEP meetings.


Prize: Apple iPad

Thank you to all those who entered! We are overwhelmed with the sheer volume and quality of the lessons submitted for the giveaway. We hope to have those available to share with all TeachHUB visitors very soon!

Contest closed May 16, 2011.

Classroom Comics Giveaway

Congratulations to Sue Ghera, Angie Estes & Tima Williams who were randomly chosen as the winners of TeachHUB's Classroom Comics Giveaway!!


Prize: Female Force Graphic Novels


In honor of Women's History Month, TeachHUB gave away "Female Force" graphic novels to provide empowering, student-friendly reading materials to you & your students.

Contest closed April 4, 2011.

Classroom Camcorder Giveaway

Congratulations to Bonnie Maxwell of Winnfield Louisiana who won the Classroom Camcorder Giveaway. With more than 16,000 entries, Bonnie's was randomly chosen naming her the winner of this very cool camera.


Prize: Aiptek HD 720p Camcorder with 3x Optical Zoom

This easy-to-use camcorder is perfect for classroom projects & saving school memories. Bonnie and her students will be capturing HD pictures or videos using her new camcorder.

Contest closed January 24, 2011.


TeachHUB Educational Adventure Photo Contest

Educational Adventure Photo Contest

With an astonishing number of over 31,000 votes cast, we are pleased to announce the winner of the Educational Adventure Photo Contest:  Saturn Space Travelers submitted by: Cary Hock, Madeline Black, Jody Oberholtze of Ben Franklin Elementary in Newark, Ohio. The Saturn Space Travelers won 3 free travelers on a class trip to Columbus.


Jennifer Holmes of Wilson Elementary in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and her Cave Crawlers took the silver medal, winning $100 in school supplies.

All prizes were donated by Educational Discovery Tours. Thanks to EDT and to all those who entered for making this such a success!

Contest closed June 1, 2010.


TeachHUB $300 Classroom Poster Giveaway

TeachHUB $300 Classroom Poster Giveaway


Congratulations to Elizabeth Van Egdom of Inwood Christian School in Iowa who was randomly chosen as the $300 Poster Giveaway winner! She has as won $300 worth of educational posters and wall charts from to "deck the walls" of her school.


Sweepstakes closed June 1, 2010.


TeachHUB "Our Ed Tech Is Busted" Contest

With more than 25,000 votes cast, I am proud to crown the 2010 "Our Ed Tech is Busted" champion (drum roll please): Mr. Lawrence King from Warren High School in Vincent, Ohio with his Homemade Overhead!!!!

"You ain’t squat unless you have an overhead made from a recycled fresnel lens, a desk lamp, and a camera tripod. Save me, I’m squat." Mr. King and his homemade projector garnered 29% of the vote. Mr. King and his school have won the Optoma DV10 MovieTime DLP Projector With Built-In DVD Player donated by Meeting Tomorrow.

Contest closed June 1, 2010.


TeachHUB Literature Lessons Giveaway

TeachHUB Literature Lessons Giveaway


Congratulations to Lisa Bruzzichesi, who was randomly chosen as the Lit Lesson Giveaway winner! She now has a $500 eNotes Premium Subscription for the next year, giving her access to thousands of lessons, study guides and critical essays for her Language Arts/English classroom.

Sweepstakes closed June 1, 2010.


TeachHUB Spa Giveaway

TeachHUB Spa Giveaway



Congratulations to Mell Issacs of Liberty Elementary in Franklin, Tennessee. She received $100 in spa certificates for such well-earned rest and relaxation!

Sweepstakes closed April 16, 2010.


TeachHUB School Spirit Contest

TeachHub School Spirit Contest


Thank you to everyone who entered the TeachHUB School Spirit Contest. We were overwhelmed by how much pep you all bring the classroom, day in and day out.



In a real nail biter that came down to the final moments, the "Roof Campers" pulled out a victory in the School Spirit Contest with the "Academic Super Bowl" trailing just a few hundred votes behind. They both put up impressive numbers - both topping 11,000 votes!

Congratulations to Daniele Clark and Spicer Elementary of Haltom City, Texas whose Roof-top sleepover fundraiser inspired the TeachHUB community to come out in droves on their behalf!

In addition to bragging rights, Daniele and the Roof Campers won a $100 donation to the school extra-curricular program of their choosing.


Contest closed April 16, 2010.


Holiday Lesson Plan Giveaway!TeachHUB Holiday Lesson Plan Giveaway

 From December 3 to January 18, ALL MEMBERS had free access to over 500 Printable Pop Culture Lessons!

TeachHUB welcomed hundreds of new members to our community during the giveaway!

Giveaway ended January 18, 2010.




TeachHUB Classroom Supplies Giveaway

TeachHUB Classroom Supplies Giveaway


Sweepstakes Description:

We know teachers run short on necessary classroom supplies, not to mention the fun stuff on your wish list—unlimited stock of white-out pens, perhaps?!



David Andrade of Central High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut was the winner of the Classroom Supplies Giveaway. He used the $250 to replenish much-needed supplies for the Science department.

Sweepstakes closed October 31st, 2009.


TeachHUB Fantastic Field Trip Giveaway!

TeachHUB Fantastic Field Trip Giveaway


Sweepstakes Description: wants YOU to take your class to the museum or the theater. Or maybe it is the zoo or a catered day at the park, if you prefer. The choice is yours and is footin’ the bill!



Lisa Koski of Trillium Academy in Taylor, Michigan and her class used their winning field trip funds to visit the local apple orchard.

"It was quite cold and rainy, but we had a blast! The kids learned more about the life cycle of an apple tree and products made from apples. They also loved sampling the apple juice and donuts, of course. Before they left the orchard, they were allowed to pick apples off the trees and pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

Our field trip budget is extremely limited. We are very appreciative of this opportunity to do some hands-on learning at the apple orchard." ~ Lisa


Sweepstakes closed July 31st, 2009

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