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Classroom Management: Online Math Games for a Rainy Day

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When I was in the classroom, as part of my classroom management, I always sent home a game or puzzle on weekends or holidays so my students and families would have something to do during a down time or quiet time. Today, we can use some technology tools and create our favorite summertime links.

Since lots of people, including me, think of reading first, I am going to present MathFirst! as Summertime Activities for a Rainy Day.

 K-12 Online Math Manipulatives


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For a K-12 option, The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is especially good because it will challenge all levels of learners and it has incredible information for parents and teachers about how to use each activity that is found on the site. Plus the National Math Standards are explained with each activity.





 Cyberchase for K-8

PBS Kids has several games appropriate for preschool to grade 8. The game that really hooked my students to play at school and home was Cyberchase,Online

There are a ton of games to choose from that are high energy, have challenging content and are easy to play. There's even audience applause and extra help from the "Cybersquad." Again, there is incredible information for parents and teachers about how to use each activity on the site.


When sharing strategies with parents on playing math games with their children, my favorite is “My brain is thinking about patterns when I play this game. I know that if I try all yellows first I will learn how many yellows are correct."


Lure of the Labyrinth for MS/HS Students


Lure of the Labyrinth is appropriate for Middle and High School students. It takes more of a true gamers approach to education.

This is an in-depth website tied to the national math standards. This isn’t your usual math game answering questions and winning points. Rather “And the only way that students can solve the puzzles is by using their logic and understanding of the ways numbers work together.”

There is a story line and characters. Students will choose their own avatar and can save games between sessions. There is also directions specifically for teacheres and family to guide you through how everyone can participate in solving the problems of the Labyrinth!


More Math Sites

Starting with these three sites, I'm keeping a list of my favorite MathFirst sites on my weblists page. Check for updates!

What are your favorite math games for students? Share in the comments section!


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