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Classroom Games: Review of Hungry Minds Study Games

Dave Wilson

Are you looking for great classroom games that will not only entertain your students, but will enrich their minds as well?

Look no further than Hungry Minds Study Games: Island Edition, a collection of four customizable classroom games aimed at kids from kindergarten to 5th grade.

Designed in a Tiki-themed format that brings to mind the beloved cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants, the game set is designed by an educator and kid-tested, so users can be assured it works well in a classroom setting.

The games range from memory-type card search games that educators can customize based on their current curriculums (on any subject) to board-based, die-rolling games reminiscent of Trivial Pursuit or Candy Land. One to six players can enjoy the fun, varied offerings, each of which has its own set of intuitive instructions.

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Priced at $44.95  (currently on sale for $39.95 including shipping and taxes all across the U.S. and Canada), the game is printed on thick, durable cards and game pieces (including the board portion), all sorted in four, well-labeled drawstring bags so kids don’t misplace the pieces.

A cool feature is the in-progress printables library, in which educators can submit ideas for topics that the Hungry Minds Study Games design crew will customize, design, print, and send to you! It’s like having your own in-house design team!’s in-house reviewers (Axel, 10, Tait, 10, and Klara, 13) sat down with the “Elephants Never Forget … Well, Sometimes” memory-type game and had no trouble diving in to the familiar format, which was based around letters, some planets, and even some emoticons. Their match lasted around 15 minutes, and winner Axel enjoyed the challenges the games presented. It was very fun, because games can be fun. You can use your brain with it. Sometimes it’s hard to use your brain in a game. This game makes it fun like that,” he noted.

Fellow gamer Tait noted the similarities this game shared with some other ones. “Most memory games are fun to me, so it felt fun.”

Proving that even older kids can enjoy the challenges presented by the Hungry Minds Study Games, Island Edition, player Klara noted, “I thought it was fun to work my brain. Other kids would enjoy it a lot.”

For more information, including ordering information, visit . If you order now using the promo code TeachHubPromo, you’ll receive the set by the holidays AND get a $8 discount (offer is good until Dec. 14)!