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I teach 7 out of 8 periods a day, have 4 different subjects to prep and my smallest class is 27. That gives me a whole 43 minutes each school day to do my work. Did I mention the 18 minute lunch? "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND" ??!!!???

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Lori M,

Holy cow!!! Seriously, do you even have time to go to the restroom?? I have small classes but I travel between the junior and senior highs. I hate traveling, but I would hate your schedule more. Aren't there any laws about having to have a lunchtime longer for a half hour? You have no plan time. Can't do that in my state.

I'm giving you a pat on the back and a star for the day. I don't know how you can possibly do anything extra in your classes. It would be hard to stay energized. My hat's off to you! Another Teacher Left Behind.

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I agree with both of you. I teach special ed 6-8. I have 2 inclusion English classes (one 7th and one 8th) and 2 resource English classes (one 7th and one 8th). I also teach English, social studies, health and music to our self-contained students (6-8 grade functional curriculum). I have a 25 minute lunch period and a 45 minute prep time. This time is used for lesson plans for all those classes, 8 literacy portfolios for the state testing AND my special ed conference paperwork and testing. Needless to say, I come to work early and stay late every day.

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I teach 3rd grade. In my state, voters passed an amendment to limit class size for 3rd grade to 18 students in core classes. Our county would rather pay a fine than meet the requirement so I have 25 students this year. They have also added more responsibility because every other day, I teach PE as well as all the academic classes I taught previously. It means I am with my students for the entire day minus a supposed 30 minute lunch. Of course, that 30 minutes includes drop off and pick up. Our county just hired a new superintendent who has decided to keep some personnel and give them raises because they have been given added responsibility. My added responsibilities apparently are not being considered because I have not had a raise in pay in several years despite having my evaluation linked strongly to student performance on our standardized test at the end of the year. I have students ranging from ESE to very bright and am expected to meet ALL their needs academically, socially, and emotionally. To say I am overwhelmed is a huge understatement. I feel like I am living in an alternate universe. The powers that be speak about education being important, but they do not back up their words with funding so we find ourselves at wits end! I love being a teacher, but I do not like the abuse teachers have to endure to keep their jobs.

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30 early grade elementary students, no classroom assistant, underperforming school in an under-performing district in Fall River, MA !!! What's wrong with this picture as far as doing what best for the kids??

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I started the year with 24 and am now up to 26 and it is only November!

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I have 5 periods (3 marine bio and 2 bio). My classes range from 26-39 kids.

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This is the starting of the 2012-2012 school year. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder students at the high school level. At this time, I have 5 to 7 students with a para. Really looks like a dream job. Time will start on Aug.8th. The schedules "should" be ironed smoothed by the end of the month.........check back in then!!!! Gotta love the kids!!!!

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I teach three 90 minute classes with 35 kids in each class (grades 10-12)at the end of the semester we switch classes (teaching one years content in one semester). Oh, BTW, I have 4 different preps throughout the course of the year. No pay raise in 4 years, cut in health care, and a horrible new evaluation system in TN . . . I only wish we had No Child Left Behind . . . back; yes the evaluation system is really that bad.

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