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Bookmark Your Delicious Links

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Bookmark Your Delicious LinksSince you can’t dog ear web pages, bookmarks are taking on a whole new meaning.

In the Web 1.0 work, you would save your favorites by bookmarking them on your web browser, but the Web 2.0 world is all about being on the move.

It’s time to ask yourself: “am I getting the most out of my bookmarks?”


Have you ever said, "Oh, I bookmarked that at home, I will email it to you when I get home." or "My bookmarks are on my laptop which isn't here today." Or are you a bookmark slacker who doesn’t save your faves at all?

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Whatever your previous bookmark personality, you will love delicious.

delicious is a bookmarking site that lets you bookmark your favorite web pages (like to find them easily AND to share them with others. It only takes a few minutes to set up and then you’re a click away from online organization!

Step 1: Go to and register for your free account.


Step 2: Decide your purpose.
Is this to share with peers, share with students, just plain have your bookmarks to share with you, no matter where you are, no matter what computer you are on? I created a Delicious account for my school district and here is the link,


Step 3: Install your “add buttons.”
Follow prompts that say “add button” to Firefox and Internet Explorer. Go ahead and install the plugin! You will have to restart your browser only. You will see little blue squares in your browser top menu where you now can click and add the link to Delicious from whatever page you are on.

Step 4: Import existing bookmarks, if you have them.


Step 5: Save your favorites!
Once the delicious toolbar is installed, you can just click on the blue, black and gray image on the top menu. In the drop down menu, click to “Save a New Bookmark” and you’re all set!

This will allow you to not only save a bookmark to your computer, but at the same time, the bookmark goes out to the internet and goes to your new delicious account. Now, as long as you remember your delicious username and password you can access this information from anywhere at anytime. You can also share this link with others for viewing only!

Welcome to the world of delicious and sharing your bookmarks. Take 5 min. and set up your account and get using it today. You will love sharing this tomorrow.

Share your new delicious links with TeachHUB in the comments section!