Batman, Dark Knight Rises Video Writing Prompts

Inspired by Batman & the Dark Knight Rises, your students can explore their brainstorming ability, building gadgets, predicting conclusions and the concept of sacrifice with these video writing prompts.


(Kid-friendly video option for K-6)

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K-2: Creating Bad Guys

You can't have a hero without a villain or bad guy for them to fight. The new Batman story needs a villain. Can you help the writers make one up?

It often helps to start with something you already know as inspiration. For instance, Catwoman is a villain with cat-like qualities. First, choose something to inspire your bad guy character.

Then, draw your villain, write down a name for your villain and then write a sentence to describe its traits or "powers." 

3-5: Brainstorming Batman Gadgets

Mr. Fox needs some help equipping Batman for his final fight against evil. Brainstorm 3-5 ideas for new gadgets you and Mr. Fox can make for Batman.

Using one of these gadgets as an example, list some of the materials you would need to make it and explain how you think you could build/create it. You can use descriptions (like really strong, thin wire or bulletproof rubber) to explain how your materials will work.

6-8: Predicting & Rewriting Conclusions

Dark Knight Rises is the conclusion of this trilogy of Batman movies. This writing activity can involve the Batman series or a story from your reading.

If you do NOT know how the story ends, use what you know about the story and any clues from author/filmmaker to PREDICT how the story will end. Include what you think will happen to the main characters. Also, explain why you think the story will end this way in at least two sentences.

If you DO know how the story ends, rewrite the ending with a different conclusion. Then, explain why you think one of the conclusions better fits the story (you can choose the original conclusion OR your version).

9-12: A Hero’s Sacrifice

In this Batman series, Bruce Wayne gives up a tremendous amount to help Gotham. He endures physical pain and risks his life regularly. He’s lost girlfriends he loved. His “Bruce Wayne” reputation is one of a shallow billionaire, and he had to sacrifice his “Batman” reputation in the last movie.

How much would you be willing to give up to help your community? Think about small ways you could sacrifice to help other people in your day-to-day life. Could you sacrifice some of your free time as a volunteer or to be more involved in school? Could you sacrifice your reputation to befriend a classmate? Could you sacrifice some money or possessions to help the less fortunate?

List at least five ways you could sacrifice small things to help others.


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