Jacqui Murray

17 Topics to Teach K-8 About Digital Citizenship
Best practices now suggest that instead of cocooning students, we teach them to be good digital citizens, confident and competent in 17 areas.
7 Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use
These 7 technology tools are a must have for all educators.
Friday Five: 5 Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions
Every year, millions of people worldwide create New Year's resolutions. In my experience, keeping these goals will happen when Harvard wins the Super Bowl (I used to say when Notre Dame plays for the...
Friday Five: 5 Favorite Teaching Apps
The top 5 favorite teaching apps that every educator should check out.
iPads in the Classroom
This article provides a task list for when evaluating apps and also names five iPad apps every teacher should have for their classroom.
Friday Five: 5 Fabulous Last-Minute Gift Ideas
What do you get for those people on your holiday shopping list that nothing seems just perfect for? Or the friends you've just discovered will be at the holiday party TONIGHT? Our featured writer,...


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