Jacqui Murray

Here are five skills to learn this summer and use in the fall that will make a big difference in how you prepare for the new common core requirements.
Parents Using Technology With Kids
These five utilities will make a parent's job simpler, more predictable, and more effective.
Conference attendees with tablets
Here are five must-have tools that will make you look and act like the Diva of Digital at any upcoming education conference.
5 Digital Goals for Summer
Summer is the perfect time to explore new tech tools. Let our handy list of digital goals inspire you to become a tech superstar!
14 Educational Websites Students Will Want to Visit This Summer
We've listed 14 engaging, fun and educational websites and programs you can use to tantalize your students for the last few weeks of the school year. The games are so fun that students will want to...
11 Ways to Make an Inquiry based Classroom
How do you turn a traditional entrenched classroom into one that's inquiry-based? By taking things one step at a time. Here are fifteen ways you can try; maybe one or more will resonate with your...
How Do You Grade Tech? I Have 14 Ideas.
It used to be simple to post grades. Add up test scores and see what the student earned. Very defensible. Everyone understood. In this new technology-driven world, it's not that way anymore. Here are...
Common Core State Standards
The biggest pedagogic change to American education since the arrival of John Dewey is happening right now. It's called Common Core State Standards. Its goal: to prepare the nation's tens of thousands...
17 Topics to Teach K-8 About Digital Citizenship
Best practices now suggest that instead of cocooning students, we teach them to be good digital citizens, confident and competent in 17 areas.
7 Technology Tools Every Educator Should Use
These 7 technology tools are a must have for all educators.


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