Putting Ed Tech Into Practice
Mr. Zim

After two years as a Tech Specialist, Michael Zimmer is returning to the

classroom to teach HS freshman social studies in KY. Mr. Zim will share

tech tips that worked/didn't work from his classroom in this blog.

10 Ways to Use Pandora Internet Radio in Your Classroom
Teacher and blogger, Michael Zimmer explains 10 different ways to use Pandora Internet Radio in the classroom.
Teacher Website Tools
One really handy type of website allows you to copy and paste or type in text and then share a custom URL with people. I have had to use a site like this myself for Master's classes, so there are...
Free Teacher Resources for Core Subjects
Here is my annual list of my favorite online teaching resources, divided by subject. Some of these might be old, or shared elsewhere, but I wanted to go ahead and share some of the ones that were...
Teacher Wikis
Most of us know about Wikipedia and Wikispaces, but there are tons of other Wiki's out there that could be used in the classroom when utilized correctly.   Here are a few handy wiki resources...
Teaching with Movies
Most administrators will tell you they hate when teachers show movies in the classroom. For the most part I agree with them.   However, as long as teachers are utilizing them correctly, movies...
technology in the classroom
Google has been the dominating search engine for several years in and out of education.  Google is not the only search engine and we all know that.    Several tools are available that...
Ted Talks for Teachers
I have recently become acquainted with watching and learning new ideas and concepts from watching various TED Talks on an assortment of topics.  TED, by the way stands for Technology,...
Mock Congress Assignment
To shake up our traditional "How a Bill Becomes a Law" projects, our freshman classes conducted a Mock Congress to simulate the legislative process from beginning to end.   Here's how the Mock...
Social Media History Lessons
As part of my duties as a social studies teacher, I am teaching Government for the next 12 weeks.  We started our investigation into the Constitution, and for one of the assignments I had my...
Entering the third month of being back in the classroom has opened my eyes to a lot about how I could have done things differently in years past and even this school year.   In all my...


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