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Halloween can be a scary time. Not only are spooky ghosts and goblins roaming the streets, but you also have to face a chilling reality: Halloween is merely days...
With the 14-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks approaching, now is the time for you and your students to commemorate that infamous day in American history. We've collected some...
Veteran's Day has always been one of those days I never got off school, so I never paid much attention. I'm guessing even those who do get the day off don't give it the attention it...
To help you make the Olympics a learning experience in your classroom, here are some teacher-favorite, Olympics-inspired ideas for lessons, classroom management techniques and fun...
Is it just me or have school holiday parties transformed from fun, casual celebrations to PC-pressure cookers. Holiday parties may be getting a little dicier, but luckily there are tons of...
Christmas Movie Curriculum Connections
Just because you're showing a movie before the end of term doesn't mean you are abandoning learning. Here are a few ways to get the most educational value out of holiday favorites.
Here is a gold mine of hands-on websites that every teacher should check out.  
12 Sure-Fire Ways Parents and Teachers Can Work Together to Motivate Studentsv
Education in America has been a hot topic in the news. Students are being compared with children from around the world, many reports claiming that children in America are falling behind. Here are 12...
Super Bowl Curriculum Connections and classroom activities
Hope these Super Bowl-themed lessons for Language Arts, Science, Math and Social Studies are helpful! Language Arts Writing Prompts - Who will win the Super Bowl on Sunday? Remember to provide...
Groundhog Day Lesson and Video Writing Prompt
6-8: Create Your Own Legend Legend has it that groundhogs can predict whether we’ll have a long winter or an early spring. The tradition is based on the animal’s instincts and reaction...


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