Science Under the Microscope
Paul Cancellieri

A former marine scientist and 2-time Teacher of the Year, Paul has taught MS science in Raleigh for 8 years, leads his dept., coordinates tech integration & writes the blog Scripted Spontaneity .  

As Halloween approaches, I try to use the holiday as an excuse to amaze my students with science demonstrations that capture their attention, challenge their expectations, and teach them a thing or...
Essential Tools for the Science Classroom
I love to find novel ways to incorporate educational technology into my lessons and my classroom.   If you have a tight budget and need to outfit a Science classroom, here is what my students...
Teacher Myths
Because of the somewhat mythical nature of the first weeks of school, there exist many "old wives' tales" and bits of wisdom that are constantly recycled by veteran teachers, instructional books, and...
As this time of year rolls around, I have to admit to getting a little excited about some of the gifts that students and their families give in appreciation for a year as their science teacher....
While some have argued that the recent surge of attention to Science Technology and Engineering (STEM) education is misguided, it's clear that Obama and Duncan have made this area a priority. One of...
There are only so many discovery science lessons I can teach my students in the confines of my classroom.   Luckily, I found a way to  allow my class to explore beyond the classroom walls...
Jigsaw lessons provide unique opportunities for students to learn from each other and practice the 21st century skills of collaboration and communication in an authentic setting. By using the jigsaw...
The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often simply called "The Nation's Report Card", has released the results of Science testing from 2009.   Over the next few...
As educators, we spend countless hours in professional development studying methods for improving teen literacy and planning ways to integrate literacy into our daily lessons.    Choosing...
Research has repeatedly shown that one of the most powerful ways to get students excited about Science is to connect them with the excitement of breaking research news within the field.  ...


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