Science Under the Microscope
Paul Cancellieri

A former marine scientist and 2-time Teacher of the Year, Paul has taught MS science in Raleigh for 8 years, leads his dept., coordinates tech integration & writes the blog Scripted Spontaneity .  

It's time to start teaching the Google way.   Many software applications are released to limited audiences prior to their full public release. These pre-release versions, designed to collect...
Great teaching is contagious, according to a new study.   A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research has shown that adding an accomplished teacher to a teaching team or...
Sometimes it seems like Mathematics and Language Arts teachers have it easy. Okay, I wouldn't actually say that one of them because I know how hard they work under the enormous pressure of...
As a middle school science teacher, I am blessed with teaching students at that unique crossroads between the naive curiosity of young children and the consistent maturity of high school students....
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... it's a science teacher!   For me, any summer get-together has always brought one of the strangest phenomena related to being a Science teacher. I...
The phrase "in these current economic times" has become a bit of a cliche lately, but that doesn't change the fact that our lives as educators will be changed for some time to come.   As science...
A new NYC charter school and its hefty pay checks have everybody buzzing.   The recent announcement of the initial eight-member teaching faculty of the new The Equity Project School (TEP)...
While I don't technically get to enjoy a traditional summer thanks to the year-round schedule at my middle school, I find myself collecting books all year long to read during those lazy, hazy,...


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