Science Under the Microscope
Paul Cancellieri

A former marine scientist and 2-time Teacher of the Year, Paul has taught MS science in Raleigh for 8 years, leads his dept., coordinates tech integration & writes the blog Scripted Spontaneity .  

How does standardized testing, merit pay and all the pressure that comes with them affect science education?   Nearly all students and teachers are familiar with standardized testing. These...
There is only so much a teacher can do with their few hours of instructional time each week. More than ever, we need to encourage students to learn outside the classroom.   Luckily, learning...
As teachers, we are always in a race to cover required content, but is winning that race really teaching our students the skills they need?   Many educators might face the dilemma of skills vs...
All Science teachers have found themselves ready to begin a unit, but needing some fun or exciting lessons to really get the students engaged. You've probably searched the Internet for...
There are times when my political leanings--my voter registration cards reads "Libertarian"--come into disagreement with my educational philosophy, and it can be very difficult to reconcile...
As a parent and a techie, I have always struggled with how much time is too much for my children to spend in front of a screen.   My son enjoys playing video games, surfing child-friendly...
Being a scientist-turned-educator and techie, it’s hard to avoid my inner geek.  Not only can I not avoid it, but now I've found the soundtrack for my inner geek life: Here Comes Science...
As a science teacher, I'm bugging out over the latest research on microbes and how bacteria may be pupeteering people.   I guess it's human nature to think of all bacteria as harmful or, at best...
Who is ready to hang ten on Google Wave? I am. I am.   I am known among my friends and colleagues as an "early adopter"--someone who tries out new tools and technologies as soon as...
As a techie, I couldn't be more excited for the iPad, but as a teacher, I wonder if its an anti-learning technology?   I am excited by the way the iPad can revolutionize the...


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