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75 Questions Teachers Might Be Asked at a Job Interview

Jordan Catapano

One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to brainstorm teacher interview questions and answers.

Below is a list of 75 questions that any teaching candidate should rehearse giving answers to. Decide what the best quality answer is for each one, and develop a clear message and effective examples.

General teacher interview questions and answers

1.     What are three characteristics you believe every teacher should have?

2.     What’s one thing you believe every teacher should avoid?

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3.     There are hundreds of candidates for this position: Why should I choose you?

Questions about yourself and your personal experiences

4.     Who are some of your own favorite teachers?

5.     What are your favorite memories of being a student?

6.     What is one good thing you remember a teacher doing for you?

7.     What is one negative thing you remember a teacher doing that didn’t help you?

8.     If you were your own teacher, how would you teach to you?

Questions about your education and experience

9.     Where did you go to school? What degrees have you earned?

10.  Tell us about your current (or most recent) position.

11.  What’s one experience you’ve had that has helped shape who you are as a teacher?

12.  Were there any particular courses you took that you felt you especially gained from?

13.  Describe the teaching or observation experiences you have had.

14.  Were there any challenges you faced when trying to reach a particular student?

15.  What were your personal most successful moments?

16.  What was the nature of your relationships with your co-workers?

17.  How long did you have your previous position and why are you looking to change it?

18.  What methods of teaching were emphasized in your last position?

19.  What were the most successful approaches to teaching you have witnessed or been a part of?

20.  To what extent do you feel your previous education and experience has prepared you to do this job well?

21.  What experience do you have incorporating technology in the classroom?

Questions about your familiarity with research, writing, and trends

22.  Who are some of your favorite authors?

23.  Who are some of your favorite education authors or speakers?

24.  What’s one research-based method that would help guide your teaching?

25.  What’s one educational trend that would likely influence your teaching?

26.  How do you like to incorporate technology in the classroom?

27.  Who is one education author you disagree with?

28.  What apps would you consider essential for your classroom?

29.  What is your opinion on the Common Core?

30.  What role should social media play in the classroom?

31.  Are you interested in attending conferences and reading educational texts?

Questions about your personality and teaching style

32.  What makes you want to be a teacher?

33.  What are three adjectives that describe you?

34.  How would you describe your teaching style?

35.  How do you reach that one student who just seems to not get it?

36.  What is a day in your classroom going to be like?

37.  What’s one area of teaching that you feel you have improved in?

38.  What’s one area of teaching that you feel is a true strength of yours?

39.  What’s one area of teaching that you feel you need to improve in?

40.  How would students describe you after having had you for a year?

41.  If you could design and decorate your classroom any way you wanted, what would it look like?

Questions about your comfort with classroom control and discipline

42.  What’s one challenging situation you’ve been in with a student or students, and how did you handle it?

43.  What are the primary rules you expect your students to follow?

44.  How would you handle a situation of plagiarism if it were to arise?

45.  How would you communicate your expectations to students?

46.  How would you respond if a student was acting disrespectfully to you?

47.  How would you respond if a student were acting disrespectfully to others?

48.  What would you do to stop or break up a fight that may occur?

49.  At what point would you write up a student or send them down to the discipline office?

50.  How do you reinforce good behavior?

51.  Describe a successful moment when you intervened and helped improve a student’s behavior in the classroom.

Questions about how you fit in with the school environment

52.  Would you be willing to help coach or sponsor any sports or activities here?

53.  What role would you like the administration to play in how or what you teach?

54.  What resources would you need to help you be successful?

55.  Are you open to having a mentor teacher partner with you?

56.  Describe what kinds of co-workers you typically get along with.

57.  What description would you hope a student would give of the adults in this school?

58.  What kinds of “above and beyond” contributions would you be willing to make?

59.  What do you believe you personally possess that you could contribute to the atmosphere and well-being of our school?

60.  Would you describe yourself as a “team player”?

61.  What does collaboration mean to you?

Questions about your knowledge of laws and boundaries

62.  What’s your comfort level with having one-on-one conferences with students?

63.  To what extent do you feel interaction with students through social media is appropriate?

64.  What would you do if a student began talking to you about personal issues they were facing?

65.  What are some of the things about students that the law requires you to report to school authorities?

Questions about how you interact with students

66.  What do you think about the common advice for teachers to “not smile until Christmas?”

67.  Describe what your academic expectations are for students.

68.  How do you account for different modes of learning into your lesson design?

69.  What role do assessments play in your teaching?

70.  What do you want your former students to tell your future students about you?

Questions about how you interact with parents

71.  How would you react to a parent calling and complaining about something in class?

72.  How would you turn parents into partners?

73.  What do you tell the parent who wants to have too much say in how to run your classroom?

74.  Would you consider yourself a proactive or reactive communicator to parents?

75.  When would you consider it appropriate to get in touch with parents?

What common teacher interview questions and answers would you add to this list?

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