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5 Super Fun Skill Building Games for Students


Need fun, constructive ways to use computer time?

Need skill building exercises for students of all ages?

Need drill-style activities for math, vocabulary, or geography?

Here are some awesome online learning games your students will love!

State Capital Penguin Hop

Learning the states and capitals is fun with the help of these penguins! Up to four students at a time can challenge one another in states and capitals.  Each student is given a penguin and they must guide their penguin home to their proper state. They can only advance their penguin to the iceberg that correctly corresponds with the given capital.

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Teaching Time: Tug Team Giraffe Pull

It’s an intense game of tug of war for up to eight students as they try to out-time their opponent.  Teams are split into two as they race to be the first to answer the time-related questions.  How quick students correctly answer determines how fast your giraffe will tug. Whichever team tugs the other team past the flag first wins!

Parts of Speech Word Invasion 

It’s octopus versus jelly fish in this fun activity!  Students practice different parts of speech as they try to deflect the invading jellyfish.  Each jellyfish has a different word in it. Acting as the octopus, students must activate the fire laser beam and destroy the jellyfish whose word corresponds with the type of speech that is placed in the octopus.  If the jellyfish reach the octopus before it is destroyed, the game ends.

Jet Ski Addition

Up to four students at a time can battle one another as they jet ski their way through addition problems.  Addition problems appear on the top of the screen and in order to power their jet ski, the students must answer the question correctly. The quicker they give the correct answer, the faster their jet ski will go. this game defiantly adds speed to your students addition skills.


Verb Viper

This viper is hungry for some correct grammar! This game encourages students to recognize verb tenses, verb form, and identify subject/verb agreement.  Subjects are placed above the viper and a stream of verbs is headed towards the viper’s mouth. Students must identify if a subject is singular or plural, then match it with the correct verb tense.  Once they decide on the proper verb tense, they must make the viper bite down on it!

These games were recently released by Arcademic Skill Builders. There are 40 different games for different skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, integers, decimals, fractions, time, geography (state and country capitals) and language arts / vocabulary.


Arcademic Skill Builders is a free online resource that gives educators and students a powerful approach to meet and exceed twenty-first century educational expectations with an extensive online assortment of educational video games addressing basic math, language arts, vocabulary and thinking skills. Their goal of incorporating aspects of the intensity and focus observed in video game players into classroom instruction creates an effective and exciting element for students.


Do you use online educational games in your classroom? Why or why not? Share with us in the comments section!