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4th of July Jokes, Fun Facts & Classroom Games

Patty Murray

To kick off the upcoming holiday, we want to spread a little patriotic pride with awesome 4th of July jokes, fun facts and classroom games for all ages.

4th Of July Jokes

What did one flag say to the other flag?

Nothing, it just waved!

What’s the difference between a duck and George Washington?

One has a bill on his face, and the other has his face on a bill.

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What would you get if you crossed a patriot with a small curly-haired dog?

 Yankee Poodle

What was George Washington’s favorite tree?

The infantry.

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4th Of July Fun Facts

Solo Signature By Hancock

John Hancock was the only person to actually sign the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The other 55 signers did not sign it until August 2 or even later.

Independence Day Unlucky for Presidents?

Three U.S. presidents have died on July 4. Both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4, 1826, the 50th anniversary of the singing of the Declaration of Independence. Five years later, James Monroe died on July 4, 1831.

The Origins of Uncle Sam

The origin of Uncle Sam probably began in 1812, when Samuel Wilson was a meat packer who provided meat to the US Army. The meat shipments were stamped with the initials, U.S. Someone joked that the initials stood for “Uncle Sam”. This joke eventually led to the idea of Uncle Sam symbolizing the United States government.

Make Room for the Hot Dogs!

More than 150 million hot dogs are consumed on the July 4. That's roughly 1 dog for every two people in the U.S.

4th Of July Online Classroom Games

Patriotic Jigsaw Puzzle
This logic game challenges you to put this patriotic car back together by swapping the pieces of the puzzle. Increase the challenge by trying to complete the puzzle in as less time and as little moves as possible.


Find the Difference in Uncle Sam’s Picture
In this fun and festive game, two photos of  Uncle Sam celebrating Independence day are placed side-by-side. There are 7 differences between his two pictures. You must find the discrepancies in 40 seconds or less or else you lose!

Thirteen Colonies Word Search

This is an online word search with where you must find all 13 original colonies. Words can run horizontally, vertically, backwards, and diagonally.  It's timed, so make it a race!

Independence Day Quiz

July 4 is a time of celebration for our nation and the freedom it provides to all of its citizens.  But, how much do we really know about our country? This quiz is compiled of questions from real citizenship tests and challenges you with important questions on our nation's history, legislative branches, documents and more.

Share you favorite Independence Day jokes, fun facts, games or anything enjoyable for the season in the comments section!