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3 Halloween Themed Lesson Ideas for Grades K-5

Christine Wojdyla, TeachHUB

3 Halloween Themed Lesson Ideas for Grades K-5 With Halloween just a few days away, you may be looking for a few quick and easy activities to incorporate into your K-5 classrooms. These easy activities are perfect for younger learners and incorporate various subjects to get all of your students thinking, while enjoying Halloween themed lessons.

Pumpkin Decorating

Explore the world of shapes and colors with the creation of jack-o-lanterns for this Halloween themed lesson. Provide your kindergarten and 1st grade students with a variety of construction paper shapes in different colors, and allow them to create their very own pumpkin king with a little bit of glue and a lot of creativity. Have students vote on their favorites. 

Green Slime

For a really fun and slimy lesson, teach your 2nd and 3rd grade students how to make slime in this fun science lesson idea. With some glue, Borax, water, and a little food coloring, you can easily create a monster for your class.  Let your students get their hands slimy in this exciting Halloween activity. They'll want to go home and make their very own slime.  If this sounds like a great lesson, and you're looking for additional ideas, you can find even more fun Halloween science tricks on TeachHUB.

Which Witch?

The Salem Witch Trials are a bit of American history that your 4th or 5th grade students may find interesting. You can have student brainstorm and write down what they know about witches. Then have them read this National Geographic Kids article about the Salem Witch Trials and the ask them to write about the differences between what they originally thought and what they just read. Discuss with the entire class the idea of witches in the Puritan society.

For more Halloween lesson ideas, you can check out Halloween Classroom Activities for Any Grade by Kim Haynes. As always the Halloween video writing prompt is sure to boost the writing creativity of any student.


What lessons do you use to get your students in the Halloween spirit? Share in the comments below.


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