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12 Sure-Fire Ways to Learn How to Motivate Students

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Learning how to motivate students is a task where parents and teachers can work together.

Education in America has been a hot topic in the news. Students are being compared with children from around the world, many reports claiming that children in America are falling behind. Politicians, educators, and parents are all wondering what can be done to ensure success for our children. Learning how to motivate students to learn is at the top of the list when it comes to excellence in our schools. Curriculum, materials, and first rate teachers are all key factors in developing fine minds. However, it is the drive to learn that will take children to the top. Here are 12 sure fire tips to motivate students.

1. Families need to give schools one hundred percent of their support. Parents need to set the ground rules at home, making it clear that their children are expected to behave and do what they are asked to do in the classroom. There are no arguments. They are going to school to learn, that is their job, and it is extremely important if they are to have productive lives in the future.

2. Parents need to emphasize the importance of an education. Families need to set a good example for their children, praising schools and teachers, explaining why children must learn. They need to provide a supportive environment at home, making homework a priority, studying with their children, and helping them with any projects. When there are special functions, parents need to make an effort to be there for their children to show that what happens at school truly matters. 

3. Parents need to have serious consequences at home when children misbehave or do not do their work at school. 
4. On the flip side, parents need to praise their children when they do well in school, offering them rewards for their efforts.
5. Teachers are motivating students to learn through use of technology in the classroom. It's what children know today and it excites them.
6. Simple rewards such as stickers, pencils, or other items in a prize box can make children eager to succeed.
7. Rewarding the class with extra recess or a pizza party is a great way to get kids to push harder.
8. Allowing children to collaborate works well for many students.
9. Giving children the opportunity to hands-on projects is effective.
10. Using a variety of activities for all learning styles makes children interested in learning.
11. Posting names and pictures of successful students will make them eager to succeed.
12. Holding school-wide events as a positive reward will make students want to get in on the fun by doing well in the classroom.
What are some motivational "tricks" you've used that work? Tell us in the comments!


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