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10 Things Your Students Won't Tell You

Jessica Piper


10 Things Your Students Won't Tell YouIf your students are like mine, they will tell you many things you’d rather not hear, but there are some things they are likely thinking about you and your teaching abilities that they won’t say to your face.

Here are the Top 10 Things Your Students Are Thinking But Won't Tell You that really inspire  self-reflection…or picking up a pair of tweezers.


1. You’re really boring. I know this is difficult to hear, but sometimes you can be, well…really, really boring. You know when it happens too; glazed over eyes, tapping pencils, shuffling feet, getting up to throw away paper…all the dead giveaways of boredom. Long story short, Teach, get to the point or you risk the lesson.

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2. Your breath stinks. We all know teachers need an abundance of caffeine, but sometimes the close-up and quiet conversations can lead me to hold my breath. Come on…buy some gum with that double latte.


3. You make really funny faces when you get mad. You clench your teeth and pinch your eyes and start to talk fast. It’s funny and sometimes I say things just to get you to make those “mad” faces.


4. Challenging me in front of my friends is not going to work out for you. If you go for a power struggle in front of my peeps, I may be punished, but I guarantee that I will not back down, and I will make you look like you’re not in control. Don’t even go there.


5. You have a stray, black hair growing on your chin. Trust me on this…laser hair removal much?


6. Sending me to the hallway IS NOT punishment. I have a great time talking to everyone walking by and I have free access and time to text my BFF’s out here. (N hlwy yo! Meet @ wtrftn;-)


7. Raising your voice does not work for my mom or for you. Like I don’t get this all the time; paaaaalease! Try to be a little unique…mom has had this technique cornered for years, and you can just ask her how that’s working out.


8. I don’t think your class will be important for me later in life. I mean…who needs to write in real life? I’m going to the NFL. Try to change my mind by giving me relevant activities and time to digest material with my peers and maybe I’ll listen...maybe.


9. You give away your power when you send me to the Principal’s office. And, plus–she’s really nice and the secretary has suckers at the front desk. I kinda like it in there.


10. I really do want to like you…act like you like me. I think you are a little weird, and obviously old, but if you can act like you like me occasionally, then I might just return the favor.

What do you think your students are thinking but won't say to your face? Share in the comments section below!

Reprinted with permission from the author. Originally posted on author Jessica Piper's blog, Writing is Immortality.




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