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10 Scholarships to Recommend to Students

Jessica Thiefels

If they haven’t already, your junior- and senior-year students will soon be approaching you with a barrage of complicated questions, last-minute pleading requests, and wide, terrified eyes. For them, their world already revolves around college, and right now, it’s college application time.

One of the most common requests teachers get is from students looking for financial aid. While federal loans and college-specific scholarships can help ease the financial burden, they rarely alleviate it entirely. With parents already paying an average of $600-$1,200 on school-related items every year, they’re often not able to help either.

As such, students turn to outside sources, looking for additional scholarships to apply for.

For a teacher, there are few things more heartbreaking than seeing a great student make compromises or settle for less than, just because costs are prohibitive. Here’s how you can help students who need a little financial help get to college with these scholarships that you may not yet know about.

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1. Coca Cola Scholars Foundation

This beloved American institution is giving back to the community with a wide variety of scholarships. Since 1989, the foundation has awarded more than $63 million in scholarships and your student could be next to receive the funding they need.

2. The Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology

This annual contest is open to all high school students and is funded by a number of partner organizations. Students submit individual and team research projects in the STEM fields, and are rewarded generously for their efforts.

3. Buick Achievers Scholarship Program

Buick wants to support students interested in pursuing engineering, design, or business—the people who will design and build the cars of the future. To do this, they’re awarding 50 $25,000 scholarships, renewable for up to five years. They’re also awarding 1,000 smaller scholarships.

4. The Davidson Fellows Scholarship

The Davidson Institute wants to find the best and the brightest of high school students and help them achieve their goals. Specifically, Davidson’s awards go to students who have completed “Significant works” in many categories in the arts, humanities, and sciences.

5. The Jackie Robinson Foundation

Created in honor of the legendary, barrier-busting athlete and businessman, the Jackie Robinson foundation seeks to empower minority students. With a unique combination of financial aid and community service, this scholarship is a great opportunity.

6. Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship

This is the perfect scholarship for your eco-minded students. Ted Rollins and TXG Capital award a $1,000 scholarship twice a year to one student who is majoring in a field related to sustainability.

7. The Point Foundation National LGBTQ Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is designed to support LGBTQ students, especially those who take on roles in leadership and activism in the LGBTQ community. With special consideration on the basis of need, this award is created for students who need and deserve it the most.

8. Google for Education

Google has gone above and beyond in helping students afford college. They offer quite a few different scholarships, including awards for students with disabilities and travel grants.

9. The VFW Auxiliary’s Young American Creative Patriotic Art Scholarship

Since 1979, the VFW Auxiliary has sought out creative and artistic students to honor America with patriotic art. Visual artists must submit art on paper or canvas, and awards are given at both the state and national level.

10. The National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering

This organization seeks to increase the representation of minority students in STEM fields, and they’re working hard to do so. The NACME gives away more than $4 million annually, through a combination of individual awards and block grants to certain institutions.

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